Bass Bonus ep.1 - Studying shapes on the bass: help or limit your creativity?

BASS BONUS ep.1 - Can studying shapes on the electric bass limit your creativity?

This video inaugurates a video series entitled "BASS BONUS.". Hurrah!!! 🎉

Starting with some special videos from Contemporary Bassist Online, Titian has extracted a number of useful insights and ideas to improve your approach to the instrument right away. And help you find YOUR VOICE on the electric bass.

Follow the video and you will immediately understand what this very important goal means that you should have the first moment you decide to play a musical instrument.

Thus, we come to episode 1. Basic forms and creativity

Titian's experience from lesson 7e of Contemporary Bass Player Online. Pick up the bass, listen to the introduction, and then practice the tutorial right away.

Here you learn to work on basic scale forms with a COMPLETE process, so as not to limit your playing. In fact, to make it more and more alive and personal.

  • 00:07: Bass Bonus: introduction and insights on the 07 online course video
  • 03:20: Video 07 proper (pg.55 volume 1)



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