Bass Bonus ep. 10 - Why delve into all genres of music on the bass?

BASS BONUS ep.10 - Focus on one stille... or get familiar with all genres of music? (+ funk-rock ensemble music)


Typical dilemma for many bass players. Is it more important to focus on one style... or to have a good command of each musical genre?

If you too have asked yourself this question, listen to this quick Bass Bonus that reveals how to easily resolve this doubt that plagues many bass players of all ages and levels.

With a practical demonstration on a funk-rock song, where you can play along with guitar and drums right away.

00:05: Bass Bonus ep.10
03:46: Bass lines. Introduction to genres (ensemble music)

Instructions for the video ensemble music

🟢 🔧 After repeating the line a few times, Titian creates variations following the principle of equality/variation/contrast we see in the course.

So try playing the line and then try to develop alternative lines, using the notes of the BLUES IN C scale and maintaining a FUNK rhythm.

Have fun!

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