Bass Bonus ep.4 - Boost your groove through syncopated rhythm

BASS BONUS ep.4 - Rhythm as the backbone of the electric bass (bass lines to play immediately)

Everything starts with rhythm. Certainly rhythm is the BRIEF COLUMN of the electric bass. But in particular, the syncopated rhythm.

Not only is syncopated rhythm the basis of modern music, but particularly so of the task entrusted to the electric bass within the rhythm section.

So important that it cannot be missing from Contemporary Bassist Online. But how is it practised? Titian talks about it in Bass Bonus ep.4.

Episode 4. Developing a punchy groove by practising syncopated rhythm is a must for a bass player!

In Contemporary Bassist Online, syncopated rhythm is practised through a series of ORIGINAL bass lines, created especially for online students, developed over harmonic structures that become progressively more difficult.

In episode 4 of Bass Bonus we therefore see an example of the use of SINCOPE in bass lines, via a video from lesson 19.

Specifically, you will find no less than 4 LINES characterised by accent shifts typical of syncopation. With on-screen TRANSCRIPT and complete arrangements so you can play them right away with Titian.
  • 00:05: Bass Bonus 3
  • 03:27: Video 9f of the online course (p. 71 volume 1)

Take the bass guitar, listen to the Bass Bonus and then play along with Titian. Repeat the lines as they are written and then start inserting your own variations.

If you dedicate these 10 minutes (it's only 10 minutes!) to learning these lines with a minimum of concentration, I assure you that your rhythmic precision will be greatly enhanced. And you will also have the opportunity to do a very quick harmony review.

But that's not all. With these 4 lines you also have plenty of material to build YOUR own personalised LINES. Finding practical ideas to increasingly develop your own way of playing, your own VOICE in using the electric bass.... that is the real goal of the online course.

See how much more interesting it is to study knowing that with one short but well-focused exercise you get so many benefits!

P.S. In each lesson of the course you will find the subject of RHYTHMICS, with coordination exercises starting from the basic level of lesson 1 up to the increasingly complex rhythms of level 2 (swing, clave, odd times, etc.). Essential work to improve your ability to stay on the beat and increasingly strengthen your groove.

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