Bass Bonus ep. 9 - Top Technique Exercises for the Electric Bass Guitar

BASS BONUS ep.9 - Top Technique Exercises for Electric Bass (with transcription for download 😊)


By popular demand, we return to talk about technique - indeed, top technique! - in episode 9 of the 'BASS BONUS' series.

In this video, Tiziano presents you with some fundamental exercises for playing very fast passages on the entire keyboard of the instrument.

He took them from the book 'Bass On Top - Organised Progressive Technique', which he created a few years ago to support the online course (it is now out of print as it is practically sold out).

If you have to play very fast scales or arpeggios on the instrument but your hands do not cooperate, learn these exercises and use them regularly to increase your speed on the bass!

00:08: Bass Bonus ep.9
03:46: Bass Technique Exercises

Download top technique exercises

πŸ–¨ πŸ“πŸ’» DOWNLOAD the PDF of the top technique exercises here: (immediate DOWNLOAD on pc or cell).

🟒 Print out the PDF and play them following the procedure Titian teaches you to the letter. Then try adapting them to other passages (perhaps another scale, the melody of a solo, an obbligato that you have to play in unison with a guitarist or keyboard player).

Eventually you will notice a big difference in dexterity and fullness of sound, guaranteed!

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