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It's finally here. After helping hundreds of people to learn the electric bass professionally, the Contemporary Bassist Online course is being revamped yet again.

As of today, in fact, the 1st level of the online course can be followed with an alternative formula (in addition to the one already available), to meet the needs of those who want to reach high musical levels but studying with more elasticity.

We titled it Contemporary Bassist 1 First Level - The Easy Way ==> https://corso-online.bassistacontemporaneo.it/volume-1-easy-way

Basically, lessons 1-25, which are those for Volume 1, turn into a monthly subscription that gives you access to the videos as you go along.

We start on 1 June 2021 with lessons 1-2 and every 15 days a new lesson, consisting of several videos, will be released. You will find 20 to 30 videos per month, depending on the lesson, for a total of more than 350 videos that will be released over a period of about 1 year. For those with little time to spare, this is a very convenient timeline to complete the first level, i.e. Volume 1.

Each video will be available in your private area as long as you remain a subscriber and you can watch it again at any time. So you will be able to go back, review the lessons you have already done, and of course continue on your way at a very comfortable pace.

One video at a time, you will build your personality as a musician by tackling all the subjects in Volume 1, step by step.

The Easy Way promotional offer

Oh, I forgot: access to The Easy Way first-level membership is on offer until 30 June 2021 at €29.00/month.

By registering by this date you lock in the price at this amount, which will not increase for you. For the modest sum of 1€ per day, you can take the most spectacular and, above all, most effective course in the world!

Well, if this project inspires you and you are ready to level up on the electric bass, I invite you to click on the link ==> https://corso-online.bassistacontemporaneo.it/volume-1-easy-way and start this adventure now.

I hope this promotion stimulates you to start the journey, perhaps taking advantage of the upcoming summer holidays where we all hope to have more time to devote to the instrument.

Enjoy the online course... and have a good week 😎


P.S.1 Also included in the price is a monthly collective Q&A session with Titian on the month's material (on Google Meet). This alone is worth the price of the ticket...

P.S.2 To follow the video lessons you will of course need Contemporary Bassist vol.1, which you can buy on the subscription page if you are still missing it...

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