Contemporary Bassist Open Day Online 3 November 2019 - 100 free video tutorials

Contemporary Bassist Online THE OPEN DAY IS NOW !!!! It's finally here. The online course is changing location. Here is the long-awaited access link: Remember this address because by Christmas the online course will all move here, one step at a time. Log in now, have a look... Read more

Published the 6th cycle of the online course: Lessons 26-30!

The SIXTH PART of the Contemporary Bassist Online course is ready! If you are among those who have completed Contemporary Bassist 1 and perhaps have taken the online course, today the adventure begins again. Yes, because the cycle of LESSONS 26-30 from VOLUME 2 has finally become available. You can find it by clicking on this link... Continue reading

News: Contemporary Bassist 1 new edition published!

Just published Contemporary Bassist 1 new edition!!! Yes, 13 years after its first publication for the general public (summer 2006), the book Contemporary Bassist 1 comes out TODAY in a brand new edition. Now 220 pages, ISBN code 979-12-200-5194-1. Here it is, photographed on my desk 🙂 With this... Continue reading

Learning a discipline: the mistake everyone risks making

A tricky question: the mistake everyone is in danger of making I am currently attending a refresher course for my job, and just yesterday morning I attended the weekly Question/Answer session. It seems like it has nothing to do with anything, but follow me for a moment, you will see that there is a lot of relevance to the... Continue reading

Join the Contemporary Bassist Facebook group?

Just created the BASSISTA CONTEMPORANEO Facebook group As 2018 is the year of celebrations (30 years of Contemporary Bassist, 10 years of BassLab, and the completion of the first level of Contemporary Bassist Online), we have added another occasion to celebrate. One more piece to the project. The birth of the Facebook group... Continue reading

Just redone Contemporary Bassist Volume 2

Just published Contemporary Bassist volume 2 - 2018 edition After a year's absence (and for some abstinence :-D), Contemporary Bassist volume 2 has just been republished. Still 304 pages packed with content (NO tabs, frills or useless photos). All organised in a precise and... Continue reading

New free videos to learn how to improvise electric bass solos

QUIZ. Would you like to be able to improvise solos on electric bass? Possible answers: Ma va What a bore If I wanted to play solos I'd play guitar A lot... too bad I'm still a beginner I already do it whenever I can If the answer is between 1 and 3, bye and talk to you... Continue reading

Published the 5th cycle of the online course: Lessons 21-25!

The FIFTH CYCLE of the Contemporary Bassist Online course is ready! It is with great pleasure and honour that I inform you that from today the lessons of the FIFTH CYCLE of the Contemporary Bassist Online course are officially available. You can find them here: The group of lessons 21-25 completes volume 1 and is definitely the most... Continue reading

Absolute beginner? Download the introductory electric bass course now, it's free!

The introductory course to the Contemporary Bassist is transformed! As you may know, the Contemporary Bassist can be preceded by an introductory course to the electric bass guitar called "5 STEPS TO START ON THE RIGHT FOOT", consisting of 1 PDF and 22 audio backing tracks. A soft introduction for absolute beginners, to be done in 1... Continue reading