Ready to download the sheet music for the original Bass Puzzle Lessons 6-10!

Finally published the second fascicle of original tracks free with Contemporary Bassist 1! BASS PUZZLE is a collection of fully arranged original tracks composed by Tiziano Zanotti with the aim of making the Contemporary Bassist Online course even more lively and stimulating. Find out what's in File 2... Read more

Published the 4th cycle of the online course: lessons 16 to 20!

The FOURTH PART of the Contemporary Bassist Online course is ready! Lessons 16-20 of the volume Contemporary Bassist 1 are finally available on Vimeo. You can find them here: Contemporary Bassist Online: lessons 16-20. These are truly fantastic lessons, if you have already followed the previous cycles, you absolutely cannot miss them! Each cycle... Continue reading

On 8 December 2016, the fourth cycle of the online course (lectures 16-20!) is released.

Lessons 16 to 20 coming soon! Just a few lines to let you know that the fourth cycle of the online Contemporary Bassist course (lessons 16-20) is finally coming out on 8 December 2016. We are currently editing the last 10 videos. Including these, there are about 20 left to upload. I'd say we make it 🙂... Continue reading

New publication: 'Bass on Top - Improve Speed' Guide

How to increase your speed with special exercises from the "Bass on Top" guide Here is a new monographic guide to complement the Contemporary Bassist, which will help you develop a very powerful technique on the electric bass, without losing sight of the main objective of studying the instrument: to express your art by doing... Continue reading

Special bonus for those who buy Contemporary Bassist... until 20 October 2016!

It is September and the new school year has just begun. For many music fans, it's time to get back out the instrument, the sheet music, the notebook with the staff and more. Are you also thinking of starting to study the electric bass... or maybe the... Continue reading

The best of the 'Best of bass' blog in print - only in shops!

Hi! Just a quick post to let you know that we have just printed the first free notebook containing some of the best articles published on the Best of Bass blog. We know that not everyone is familiar with the web, in fact many people still prefer to use paper and traditional systems to... Continue reading

Published the 3rd cycle of the online course: lessons 11 to 15!

And here it is, the THIRD PART of the Contemporary Bassist Online course! And finally, the cycle of lessons from Volume 1 ranging from 11 to 15 is also available on Vimeo. This time we have really outdone ourselves. There are 65 videos and besides guiding you step by step through all the... Continue reading

Coming soon, the third cycle of the online course (lessons 11-15)!

Lessons 11 to 15 coming soon! Just a few lines to let you know that we have finally started uploading the videos for the third cycle of the Contemporary Bassist online course (lessons 11-15). If I said it would be quick, I would be unreliable. It's a lot of videos (over 60), however we try to go... Continue reading

Pubblicato il 2° ciclo del corso online: lezioni dalla 6 alla 10!

Ed ecco qua la seconda parte del corso Bassista Contemporaneo Online! Siamo molto orgogliosi di presentarti il ciclo di lezioni del volume 1 che vanno dalla 6 alla 10. Ancora tantissimi video, ben 47, che affrontano nel dettaglio e nell’ordine esatto del libro tutte le materie di questo gruppo di… Continua a leggere