What is the best setting for the left hand?

Have you just acquired the Contemporary Bassist method or are you thinking of doing so? Here's a reminder for you about left hand fingering! On the electric bass there are three left hand positions: - Three-fret position - Chromatic position - Expanded or semi-chromatic position Each has its own... Continue reading

What is the best setting for the right hand?

If you find yourself in one of these categories: - you've just bought an electric bass and don't know how and where to put your hands - you've just got yourself the Contemporary Bassist method - you've only downloaded the demos - you have doubts about setting your hands on the bass - read all the... Continue reading

7 reasons why you shoudn't choose the Contemporary Bassist

Find out if the Contemporary Bassist method is for you or not! Although aimed at a very small niche of musicians, this method and in particular volume 1 is now well known in the Italian bassist community. The main reason is that it gives you a very... Continue reading