Music needs solid and powerful roots!

<< Una chioma rigogliosa cela radici forti e potenti >> Se vuoi piantare radici solide nel suonare il basso, che ti permettano di crescere sempre più tecnicamente e musicalmente, devi curare le basi. Partire dai fondamentali e impararli al meglio delle tue possibilità. Più le tue basi saranno definite e… Continua a leggere

The bass keyboard design as you might not expect

Help! The tabs are drawn differently!!! Yesterday I received an email from someone who had just downloaded the 5 STEPS, all alarmed about an alleged error in the PDF regarding the drawing of the bass keyboard. I'm quoting it to you in full here, because it gives me the cue for a clarification... Continue reading

Absolute beginner? Download the introductory electric bass course now, it's free!

The introductory course to the Contemporary Bassist is transformed! As you may know, the Contemporary Bassist can be preceded by an introductory course to the electric bass guitar called "5 STEPS TO START ON THE RIGHT FOOT", consisting of 1 PDF and 22 audio backing tracks. A soft introduction for absolute beginners, to be done in 1... Continue reading

What is a mirror doing in a bassist's studio?

Here is an article with a seemingly bizarre title, but in fact if you are already studying with Contemporary Bassist you know very well that this is not a joke, but a concept as simple as it is fundamental to the method. Nothing to do with strange exhibitionism, then. On the contrary, we are talking here about another... Continue reading

Slap and tapping: the fundamentals

Another introductory article on setting up on the instrument and the abbreviations and symbols used in the 'Contemporary Bassist' teaching method. SLAP TECHNIQUE To indicate the fingers of the right hand I use the abbreviations marked in figure 7: In the figure opposite you can see the combination possibilities between: - thumb of the hand... Continue reading

With the shapes on the keyboard, playing becomes easier!

What is meant by shapes on the electric bass fretboard Perhaps you have never heard of shapes on the electric bass, or perhaps you first became aware of them through the book Contemporary Bassist. Well, if it's a new topic for you here's a quick introduction... Read more

What is the best setting for the left hand?

Have you just acquired the Contemporary Bassist method or are you thinking of doing so? Here's a reminder for you about left hand fingering! On the electric bass there are three left hand positions: - Three-fret position - Chromatic position - Expanded or semi-chromatic position Each has its own... Continue reading

What is the best setting for the right hand?

If you find yourself in one of these categories: - you've just bought an electric bass and don't know how and where to put your hands - you've just got yourself the Contemporary Bassist method - you've only downloaded the demos - you have doubts about setting your hands on the bass - read all the... Continue reading

7 reasons why you shoudn't choose the Contemporary Bassist

Find out if the Contemporary Bassist method is for you or not! Although aimed at a very small niche of musicians, this method and in particular volume 1 is now well known in the Italian bassist community. The main reason is that it gives you a very... Continue reading