How do you know you are learning? 5-point guide to understanding your progress

Understanding your progress on the bass: quite a feat! After more than thirty years of teaching electric bass and double bass, I realised that the biggest problem for a student is to understand what it really means to improve as a musician. Understanding your progress. Also because if you've never played before,... Continue reading

Contemporary Bassist Online - Special offer until 29/12

Contemporary Bassist Online SPECIAL OFFER 🙂 - It's finally here. After helping hundreds of people to learn the electric bass professionally, the Contemporary Bassist Online course is definitely changing location. From the Vimeo platform it has fully moved to this new platform. Here is the long-awaited link to... Continue reading

Contemporary Bassist Open Day Online 3 November 2019 - 100 free video tutorials

Contemporary Bassist Online THE OPEN DAY IS NOW !!!! It's finally here. The online course is changing location. Here is the long-awaited access link: Remember this address because by Christmas the online course will all move here, one step at a time. Log in now, have a look... Read more

News: Contemporary Bassist 1 new edition published!

Just published Contemporary Bassist 1 new edition!!! Yes, 13 years after its first publication for the general public (summer 2006), the book Contemporary Bassist 1 comes out TODAY in a brand new edition. Now 220 pages, ISBN code 979-12-200-5194-1. Here it is, photographed on my desk 🙂 With this... Continue reading

[Video] A BASS LESSON like this makes all the difference in the world!

The bass lesson you don't expect Just today the schools started again, I think to the delight of many grandparents and parents 🙂 And also around this time, music schools are reopening after the summer break. If you too are ready to start bass lessons again,... Continue reading

The bass keyboard design as you might not expect

Help! The tabs are drawn differently!!! Yesterday I received an email from someone who had just downloaded the 5 STEPS, all alarmed about an alleged error in the PDF regarding the drawing of the bass keyboard. I'm quoting it to you in full here, because it gives me the cue for a clarification... Continue reading

Published the 5th cycle of the online course: Lessons 21-25!

The FIFTH CYCLE of the Contemporary Bassist Online course is ready! It is with great pleasure and honour that I inform you that from today the lessons of the FIFTH CYCLE of the Contemporary Bassist Online course are officially available. You can find them here: The group of lessons 21-25 completes volume 1 and is definitely the most... Continue reading

[Coming soon] Trailer dal Bassista Contemporaneo online lezioni 21-25

In arrivo le lezioni 21-25 del corso online! Forse sei solo all’inizio dei 5 passi, o forse hai già completato il corso preparatorio di basso elettrico, e stai pensando come proseguire. Beh, ecco una notizia molto importante! Ti anticipiamo che manca davvero poco alla pubblicazione dell’ultimo ciclo del Bassista Contemporaneo… Continua a leggere