Published the 5th cycle of the online course: Lessons 21-25!

The FIFTH CYCLE of the Contemporary Bassist Online course is ready! It is with great pleasure and honour that I inform you that from today the lessons of the FIFTH CYCLE of the Contemporary Bassist Online course are officially available. You can find them here: The group of lessons 21-25 completes volume 1 and is definitely the most... Continue reading

[Coming soon] Trailer dal Bassista Contemporaneo online lezioni 21-25

In arrivo le lezioni 21-25 del corso online! Forse sei solo all’inizio dei 5 passi, o forse hai già completato il corso preparatorio di basso elettrico, e stai pensando come proseguire. Beh, ecco una notizia molto importante! Ti anticipiamo che manca davvero poco alla pubblicazione dell’ultimo ciclo del Bassista Contemporaneo… Continua a leggere

Absolute beginner? Download the introductory electric bass course now, it's free!

The introductory course to the Contemporary Bassist is transformed! As you may know, the Contemporary Bassist can be preceded by an introductory course to the electric bass guitar called "5 STEPS TO START ON THE RIGHT FOOT", consisting of 1 PDF and 22 audio backing tracks. A soft introduction for absolute beginners, to be done in 1... Continue reading

The real technique for the electric bass? Non-bass players teach it to you!

... But only if you really care [Reblogged from the BEST OF BASS website] This post is bound to seem a bit strange. I'm going to talk about everything ... except electric bass. And at the same time I'm going to tell you something absolutely fundamental if you want to get really technical on this instrument! I'll take a step back.... Continue reading