New free videos to learn how to improvise electric bass solos

QUIZ. Would you like to be able to improvise solos on electric bass? Possible answers: Ma va What a bore If I wanted to play solos I'd play guitar A lot... too bad I'm still a beginner I already do it whenever I can If the answer is between 1 and 3, bye and talk to you... Continue reading

New publication: 'Bass on Top - Improve Speed' Guide

How to increase your speed with special exercises from the "Bass on Top" guide Here is a new monographic guide to complement the Contemporary Bassist, which will help you develop a very powerful technique on the electric bass, without losing sight of the main objective of studying the instrument: to express your art by doing... Continue reading

Special bonus for those who buy Contemporary Bassist... until 20 October 2016!

It is September and the new school year has just begun. For many music fans, it's time to get back out the instrument, the sheet music, the notebook with the staff and more. Are you also thinking of starting to study the electric bass... or maybe the... Continue reading

From Contemporary Bassist Online Lecture 9: How to train to play super fast

[Reblogged from Best of Bass] A dangerous misunderstanding of instrumental technique "In this article, you will learn the simplest and most effective way to develop amazing technique on the electric bass (but also on the guitar and other instruments, with a minimum of adaptation). You will work in a totally counterintuitive way and with... Continue reading

How to create effective and engaging 5/4 bass lines

Directly from Contemporary Bassist 2, here is a taste of how to work on a 5/4 time signature with the electric bass. The material in this article complements and develops the lessons you find in volume 2 on this topic. If you have bought the book, you should definitely read... Read more