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Develop a powerful bass technique using Bach's 2-voice inventions - from the online course


Here's for you from Bach's 2-voice Inventions, No. 1 in C major, adapted to perfection for the 4-string bass. Final version, performed by Tiziano in Lesson 30c Contemporary Bassist Online.

In the online course, all the preparation work on this invention is divided into five parts. This video is precisely dedicated to the last part, the end point with the 'concert' version.

Undoubtedly very challenging because of the great speed required while maintaining cleanliness and fullness of sound.

Difficult yes, but in the previous 4 parts you find all the logical steps to get to perform it just like in this video... if of course you have followed the whole online course from the beginning 🤓👏

Good listening!

All the benefits of Bach's 2-voice Inventions in Contemporary Bassist 2

In the same lesson 30 and in other lessons you will also find other analysis videos of these Inventions, to develop ear, harmonic knowledge etc. at the same time.

Johann Sebastian Bach is a continuous source of inspiration for all musicians. Particularly for a bass player, trying your hand at his compositions takes you to the next level in terms of technique, speed, knowledge of harmonic and formal concepts, ear development...

It is precisely for this reason that Bach's two-voice Inventions, in particular No.1 (this video) and No.4, are included in the Contemporary Bassist Volume 2 and then in the related online course cycle.

If you want to learn more, access the Contemporary Bassist Online course, the first PROFESSIONAL electric bass course entirely on the internet. An organised course with now over 500 videos to develop PROGRESSIVELY all the theoretical, technical, musical and rhythmic knowledge to learn to play the electric bass in a safe and versatile way.

To register, go to the dedicated platform https://corso-online.bassistacontemporaneo.it/ and start from lesson cycle 1-10. There you can purchase volume 1, which is necessary to follow the videos (and also volume 2, following the path).

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  1. The course is excellent as are the two volumes. The limitation of this course, as far as I am concerned, is the timed use.

    • Contemporary Bassist

      Hi Mimmo, apart from the fact that I don't think you have ever taken the online course. But apart from that, I understand your doubt. The problem is that if access were perennial, after 3-4 days of purchase no one would watch the videos any more, knowing that they would have them 'forever'. People tend to postpone waiting for better times, or until they have more time (which as we know is never the case).

      Time-based access serves precisely to get students to achieve results by giving them deadlines and imposing consistency and regularity. This is really the only effective way to learn a musical instrument by yourself, studying online. And I tell you this first of all as the 'student' that I am. In any case, you have the books, I hope you are at least using those since they are yours for life. Good luck ANNA

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