Better a little but well done!!!

"It's easy to believe that study sessions were a waste of time, when most of the time you were distracted or agitated" (T.Z.)


Sacrosanct words, these of Titian's.

From my own experience and that of hundreds of our students, I can also confirm that the quality of a study session is directly proportional to your focus and state of mind.

It only takes 10 minutes, but if done with total conviction it brings much more results than 1 hour of practice spent with the mind elsewhere.

The Contemporary Bassist Online can help you with that too:

✅ is to organise your study time: each video lasts around 10-15 minutes, so even with just one a day you reinforce one aspect of your musicality (rhythmics, bass lines, ear training, etc.).

but also to stay involved thanks to Titian's presence on the screen. As you know, he doesn't let you down for a second and always invites you to practise each exercise with him.

"I agree, organise your daily work, do things with a rested mind, and above all if you feel like it. Even little is enough, but done properly." (Giancarlo L.)

For those who want to do and improve, we are there!

If you want a step-by-step course on all the subjects needed to learn the bass guitar in a complete and professional manner (theory, rhythmics, bass lines, etc.), the online course is definitely the way to go.

Accedi da qui ==> 

Of course, if you have any doubts, I remain at your disposal. Have a good weekend!


P.S. If you only want books, you can:

🟡 Get them here ==>

🟡 Contact Borsari in Bologna (ships all over Italy) or Casa della Musica in Modena

🟡 Buy them on Amazon (just restocked but as always they put out copies as they go).

Many possibilities to meet all needs...

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  1. For me, who for a 'while now' has had little time, it has become a rule ..... even though I would like to devote much more time to studying than to work...after all, we are always talking about time

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