The origins of the online course: Rhythms for electric bass guitar [video 2].

The ORIGINS of the Contemporary Bassist Online. VIDEO 2: Rhythms for electric bass (lz. 13e)


Here is the second video of the origins of Contemporary Bassist Online, dedicated to the RITMICS for electric bass from lesson 13e. 

This video is also part of the series of 7 videos that Tiziano Zanotti recorded in summer 2015. Real PROTOTYPES of the types of videos that would later become part of the actual online course. Hence already definitive in terms of content, still experimental in terms of 'form', filming, etc.

In this video you will find a very useful exercise to improve rhythmic perception and stability using hand clapping. Get Volume 1, turn to page 99 and review it if you like!

And have fun!

How do the electric bass guitar rhythms work in the Contemporary Bassist Online course?


The entire online course is studded with such exercises, which are also indispensable for learning the various rhythmic patterns the electric bass can use to create accompaniment lines with the right groove.

Subsequent videos will also include a camera on the foot that beats the quarters, to help you understand whether you are holding the basic rhythmic pulse (in this case the quarters) correctly, and possibly self-correct. The aim is to make you SEE all the details you need to learn the instrument to the best of your ability, following an online course.

In each lesson new divisions are studied, which are then combined with each other in rhythmic exercises by also incorporating the divisions from the previous lessons, which are then performed with the hands or drumsticks. The further you go, the faster and more complex it all becomes, as anyone who gets to lessons 21-30 knows. 😅

Rhythmic goals?

✳️ Definitely increase reading security
✳️ Po internalise time and make it flow instinctively
✳️ And finally learn rhythmic patterns useful for creating bass lines...

🔴🔴🔴 But there is also another important purpose , and those preparing for certification know this very well. In addition to rhythmic precision, in fact, Titian asks you to also focus on the TOUCHthe type of sound you can produce with your hands (or with drumsticks, in the online course). Those taking the certification exam know this, don't they?

This also helps develop your musicality, i.e. your ability to produce a full, warm, round sound... which you can then transfer to the bass guitar. If you are taking the online course, take it as a cue to further PERFECT your rhythm performance 😉

And again in less than 3 minutes. Zero wasted time, maximum concentration of objectives in a compact lesson that allows you to develop several skills simultaneously.

Of course you will find this and the other 450 online course videos in the new platform, divided into 3 progressive sections ==>

Click on the link to find out how the first professional bass guitar course you can take entirely on the Internet works.

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