The origins of the online course: Scales on the electric bass [video 5].

The ORIGINS of the Contemporary Bassist Online. VIDEO 5: Scales on the electric bass (sec. 21a)


The FIFTH video of the origins of Contemporary Bassist Online focuses on SCALES on the electric bass. Releasedon 8 September 2015, it is one of the first videos of the online course. The 7 prototypes on which the actual lessons were then built.

Here you have a new subject to follow. Namely introduction to OBLIQUE forms for playing scales at great speed over the whole extension of the neck. Practically a very useful TECHNICAL exercise for finger fluency, taken from lesson 21a of Contemporary Bassist Online (p.153 vol.1).


Why is it essential to know the scales on the electric bass?

After the great work on the basic and horizontal shapes of scales up to lesson 20, we come here. To lesson 21... and the game changes.

Here you learn to playing scales, but this time over two octaves and using oblique shapes. New possibilities of movement on the keyboard, further technical development, new mental synapses. Certainly in the online course you can never sit on the laurels

Why is it essential to know the scales perfectly, working with them in multiple modes? A theoretical-practical knowledge of scales is essential for a bass player because it allows him to:

✳️ Developing a fluid left hand technique on the instrument
✳️ Control the touch of the right hand to perfection
✳️ Know the tonal and modal material used to compose music
✳️ Have instant control over the notes to be used in improvisations

Other useful tips on how to practice this video

  • Always try to use given fingerings (in this case those of the oblique form, but this applies to all of them), because they help you achieve high speeds without unnecessary hand movements.
  • Practice by following the video, which always contains the harmonic base with metronome to help you contextualise what you play rhythmically and harmonically.
  • Additional bonus: in these videos the camera is always firmly pointed at the left handto remove any doubt about the hands. If you listen to the explanation and watch Titian, you will never have problems understanding. Also because the video is to be repeated several times in different ways, explained within the video itself

If it feels a little strange at first, after a little practice everything will become smoother and more natural. And if you have Volume 1 and have not quite understood this exercise, the video is here for you 😉

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