Contemporary Bassist Online Volume 1 The easy way 🙂 - It's finally here. After having helped hundreds of people learn the electric bass guitar in a professional way, the Contemporary Bassist Online course has been revamped yet again. As of today, the 1st level of the online course can be taken... Continue reading

How to go from amateur to professional bass player (another interview!)

3 typical qualities of a professional bass player Still from the comfort of my studio chair, I asked Titian: what do you have to do, or what do you need, if you want to go from amateur to professional? Not just in general, but really do it as a bassist or double bass player 🙂 If by amateur I mean one who... Continue reading

Metronome: 3 wrong habits and how to replace them (interview with Tiziano Zanotti)

3 typical mistakes when using the metronome and how to remedy them immediately 🙂 - Last week I invited Titian to sit in my studio chair (the most comfortable chair in the universe!), to subject him to a kind of musical interrogation 😅 For some time now, various questions about musical practice have been swirling around in my head,... Continue reading

Bass Bonus ep. 10 - Why delve into all genres of music on the bass?

BASS BONUS ep.10 - Focus on one stille... or get familiar with all genres of music? (+ funk-rock ensemble music) - Typical dilemma for many bass players. Is it more important to focus on one style... or to have a good command of every musical genre? If you too have asked yourself this question,... Continue reading

Bass Bonus ep. 9 - Top Technique Exercises for the Electric Bass Guitar

BASS BONUS ep.9 - Top Technique Exercises for Electric Bass (with downloadable transcription 😊) - By popular demand, we're back to talking technique - indeed, top technique! - in episode 9 of the BASS BONUS series. In this video Tiziano introduces you to some fundamental exercises to get to play... Continue reading

Bass Bonus ep. 8 - How to make a good walking bass: useful ideas + practical exercise

BASS BONUS ep.8 - Some tips on how to create a good walking bass (+ "A Foggy Day" bass line to download 😊) - Episode 8 of the "BASS BONUS" series. Small jump into the second level, with a popular topic among intermediate/advanced bass players, especially those who... Continue reading

Bass Bonus ep. 7 - How to create an effective groove on the electric bass (ensemble music)

BASS BONUS ep.7 - How to create a nice groove with the electric bass to accompany a song built on a single chord ? Ensemble music practice session! - Episode 7 of the "BASS BONUS" series. How to create a catchy groove with the electric bass to accompany a "horizontal" structure, i.e. one consisting of... Continue reading

Bass Bonus ep. 6 - The 2 strokes that change your life (essential video for bassists and drummers)

BASS BONUS ep.6 - Simple tempo or compound tempo? Why is it so important to know? - Sixth instalment dedicated to a fundamental topic for the RITM section of a band. What tempo are we in? SIMPLE... or COMPOUND? Know that if you want to be able to keep time very precisely, this is... Continue reading

Bass Bonus ep. 5 - How to use the bass to accompany over multiple chords (ensemble music)

BASS BONUS ep.5 - How to use the electric bass to accompany a multi-chord piece? Ensemble music practice session! - Ready? Here's an ensemble music session from the Contemporary Bassist Online course lez.1. Here we begin... Continue reading