A couple of reflections on the online course inspired by lesson 25

A couple of reflections on the online course inspired by lesson 25 of Contemporary Bassist 1

In this article I would like to share with you a couple of reflections on the online course, born after watching a video of lesson 25. A lesson that marks the end of a journey, and the beginning of a new one. Obviously bass in hand, eh?! 😀

Yes, because you should know that I also took the Contemporary Bassist Online course. And as I wrote on my FB profile yesterday, I am missing 3 exercises (which I will do TODAY), and then I finished Volume 1!

It took me longer than I expected, as I had to squeeze it in between so many commitments, including rehearsals with various bands and a hobby that I do at a semi-professional level, but it was a really nice trip...

I'll have to attack Volume 2 soon, and know that Titian has appointed me as the official TESTER for lessons 26-30 that he's editing these days... so best wishes! 😀

However, Volume 1 ends with a series of very nice walking basses where you go and apply some of the more 'topical' things you have studied in previous lessons.

And in the first of these walking videos, Titian frames all your work with these words, which I invite you to read on the fly:

"Regarding the concepts that we have seen, which are many (from harmony, use of scales, etc... so many concepts!), what is very useful for us if you have followed the course properly, is not only to have them clear, but to be able to play them, to be able to realise them. That is, being able to turn them into practice. Playing them with the right touch, the right fingerings, etc. Then these concepts become effective.


Otherwise, they remain learned notions. Many are content to say 'Ah yes, I understand...here you need the notes of the chord...or here you need the notes of the scale' etc. Not enough.


It is not enough to understand. On the contrary, if you do not know how to apply it in practice, knowledge brings you a disadvantage. If you are convinced you know something but you do not know how to apply it, you will never apply it! [...]


Instead, the goal (and in the online course we have always followed this path) is to learn the concepts and then apply them on the instrument continuously'.

(T.Z. - Lecture 25.d part 1 of the online course)

If you have seen the video you will certainly remember them. But why did I transcribe them for you?

You see, in my opinion, from this somewhat 'epic' final message from Titian we can draw a couple of thoughts about the online course, which may also be useful to you to clarify any doubts you may have about this particular opportunity to study the bass that is the Contemporary Bassist Online.

1) Theory is not the end but the means

If you fear that there is too much theory in Contemporary Bassist (and sometimes there is, no doubt!), or if you doubt that some subjects are actually useful, know that all this knowledge only makes sense to the extent that it is applied and integrated into reality. That is, they make sense if you always translate them into instrumental practice.

That is why every exercise in the course always takes into account the material seen in the previous lessons. Because then you can PRACTICE and CONSOLIDATE. And that's why in the last videos of lesson 25 you use practically EVERYTHING you learned in the course 😉

2) The online course itself is not the end but a means

The goal of studying from home by taking an online course is not to isolate oneself and 'study study study'. Of course, maybe for some people it is, and that is fine. Let's say, however, that the meaning of the work is broader than that.

That is, it is necessary to hole up in one's own little room to train, toughen up technically and musically (like an athlete) and hone one's weapons like a warrior bass player 😀 ... and then get out of the little room and put this experience to use ON THE FIELD.

So study from home yes, but to get to make music together with other musicians, with your own group, or even solo if you have a solo or compositional vein. But always aiming to get feedback in reality, and for it to be as positive and purposeful as possible. OK?

Pardon the papyrus, but just to point out and reassure those who perhaps doubt (even legitimately) that the online course, precisely because you do it in total autonomy, is something far removed from reality. Or something theoretical that you cannot apply, and that therefore distances you from the real world...

The way it is constructed - the PXP method Tiziano always talks about - guarantees exactly the opposite goal: to keep you grounded in practice and give you all the stimuli and knowledge to take your electric bass 'out there' and play it to the best of your ability.

I hope I have been of some help. See you next time!


How do I get information about the online course?

P.S. For all information on the online course, I highly recommend you visit this page:


Here you will also find the access link to the various cycles. Maybe save it as a favourite.

Just a reminder that you need Volume 1 to follow the online course. By August it's practically free... if this way of studying inspires you, really take advantage of it.

For all information on purchase modalities you can easily write to info @ bassistacontemporaneo.it (written all over it). You will quickly receive all the information you need to proceed.

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