How to turn a music exam into a useful and rewarding experience?

How can you turn a music exam into an enjoyable, positive experience that will really give you tangible improvements? With the certification in Contemporary Bassist Level 1, you can do just that! In this short video, Tiziano tells you in broad outline what this Volume 1 exam consists of and introduces you... Continue reading

Contemporary Bassist Online Volume 1 The easy way 🙂 - It's finally here. After having helped hundreds of people learn the electric bass guitar in a professional way, the Contemporary Bassist Online course has been revamped yet again. As of today, the 1st level of the online course can be taken... Continue reading

What does "Professional bass guitar course you can take on the Internet" mean?

Why do we say that Contemporary Bassist Online is" the first professional bass guitar course you can take entirely on the internet"? - Why do we present Contemporary Bassist Online as the first professional bass guitar course you can take entirely on the Internet? It is a simple slogan that we have... Continue reading

The luck of having the Contemporary Bassist Online!

Contemporary Bassist Online: HAPPINESS... or LONGEVITY? Now that everyone is moving (or has moved) their music lessons ONLINE, someone recently said to me, "Man, what a LUCKY thing you and Titian had to do the online course, so now you guys already have it!" Well, when I think of the... Continue reading

3 qualities of a good music teacher

3 fundamental qualities of a good music teacher I often find myself thinking about what it means to be a teacher. I, who have been teaching English since I was 17 (a lifetime!) and who try in every way to make people fall in love with this language that everyone thinks is difficult...... Continue reading

[Lez.30c] Powerful technique on the electric bass with Bach's 2-voice Inventions - Contemporary Bassist Online

Develop a powerful technique on the bass using Bach's 2-voice Inventions - from the online course - Here's to you from Bach's 2-voice Inventions, No 1 in C major, adapted to perfection for the 4-string bass. Final version, performed by Titian within the... Continue reading