[Lez.30c] Powerful technique on the electric bass with Bach's 2-voice Inventions - Contemporary Bassist Online

Develop a powerful technique on the bass using Bach's 2-voice Inventions - from the online course - Here's to you from Bach's 2-voice Inventions, No 1 in C major, adapted to perfection for the 4-string bass. Final version, performed by Titian within the... Continue reading

[Lez.28c] How to improvise with modes on the electric bass - Contemporary Bassist Online

An example of how to improvise with modes, taken from the online course - If you like or are intrigued by the modes of the major scale, know that in Contemporary Bassist 2 a very exciting work on modes awaits you. It's a topic that is really broad and full of possibilities, especially for creating... Continue reading

[Lez.30] The final video of the Contemporary Bassist Online

What do you do at the end of Contemporary Bassist Online? - I invite anyone who is taking the course online but perhaps still at the beginning or intermediate lessons to watch this video. The final video taken from lesson 30... but don't worry, no spoilers from Titian 😆 I remind you that the Bassist... Continue reading

Music needs solid and powerful roots!

<< Una chioma rigogliosa cela radici forti e potenti >> Se vuoi piantare radici solide nel suonare il basso, che ti permettano di crescere sempre più tecnicamente e musicalmente, devi curare le basi. Partire dai fondamentali e impararli al meglio delle tue possibilità. Più le tue basi saranno definite e… Continua a leggere

Long live attention and down with distractions!

Long live attention, the most important resource we have after time! It is said that time is the absolute most important resource we have. Maybe so, but in my opinion there is another one that is just as crucial to achieve results in any field. Even to learn the electric bass, or the... Continue reading

ZTL ep.27 - 5 reasons to choose an electric bass (+ 1 flaw to deal with)

ZTL ep.27 - 5 good reasons to choose to play electric bass (+ 1 flaw to be managed with the right strategy) A curiosity. Why, out of so many instruments, did you choose to play the electric bass? What particularly attracts you to this instrument? It is undeniable that for some years now,... Continue reading

Syncopated bass lines: take lesson 19f of the online course now!

Syncopated bass lines ready to play - lesson 19f Contemporary Bassist Online - Some syncopated bass lines to play with the accent shifts typical of this rhythmic figure. Besides being very useful for finger agility and speed on the instrument, these exercises allow you to develop... Continue reading

Bass at home: Bass Blit(z) in the Contemporary Bassist Online 31 May 2020!

Join the Bass Blit(z) in the Contemporary Bassist Online on Sunday 31 May 2020! As you know, during the quarantine Titian launched the #BASSATHOME campaign to make a positive contribution by creating and disseminating bass guitar and music study materials. The electric bass is a wonderful instrument and playing it... Continue reading

The origins of the online course: Arpeggiated chords on the electric bass [video 7].

The ORIGINS of the Contemporary Bass Player Online. VIDEO 7: Arpeggiated chords on the electric bass (lecture 23c) Another very useful technique exercise on the electric bass using arpeggiated chords, i.e. the quadriads applied to the horizontal forms of the Ab major scale. Taken from lesson 23c page 171 Exercises (II). Basically,... Continue reading