Why is Contemporary Bassist Online divided into cycles?

Why did we decide to split all the Level 1 online course videos into cycles? Someone gave me this suggestion: "If there was a possibility to buy the whole 1-25 video package in one go as opposed to a single cycle, you might stimulate the less convinced and those who... Continue reading

I have little time, I would not be able to follow the videos of the Contemporary Bassist Online

Do you have little time to dedicate to the electric bass, but want to learn it at all costs? Here's what you can do! Someone writes to me: "I want to learn to play the electric bass. Unfortunately, I have little time, so I won't be able to follow the videos of the Contemporary Bassist Online course. That's why I prefer to buy only... Continue reading

Perché l’abbonamento al Bassista Contemporaneo Online dura solo 30 giorni?

Why has the duration of each online course cycle been set at 30 days? "Since homeschoolers take their time, wouldn't it be more convenient to extend this period by 30 days?" Well, by watching the video, you will discover the 2 reasons that led us to organise the... Continue reading

Uno strano aneddoto: 5 lezioni del Bassista Contemporaneo in 2 anni?

What Rhythm to Keep with the Contemporary Bassist Study? A strange anecdote! Is there an ideal rhythm for progressing from lesson to lesson in Contemporary Bassist? From an email exchange with a student of the method, we shed light on the question "How many lessons in how long". Enjoy! P.S. If you also... Continue reading

The origins of the Contemporary Bassist back in 1990!

In this momentous year, in which the Contemporary Bassist 1 online course was completed with around 330 instructional videos, I would like to show you the origins of this great project. Where it all started. The pre-internet era... Many of you weren't even born, or were still very young! Going back to the origins, understanding... Continue reading

The Secret Code of the Contemporary Bassist - A book made of rocks!

A FUNDAMENTAL DISCOVERY ABOUT THE CONTEMPORARY BASSIST Apparently, the secret code of the Contemporary Bassist method has been cracked 🙂 That is, that essential element of the book (and online course) that, if you are an aspiring bassist, allows you to: improve your skills gradually but steadily feel a constant... Continue reading

[Coming soon] Trailer dal Bassista Contemporaneo online lezioni 21-25

In arrivo le lezioni 21-25 del corso online! Forse sei solo all’inizio dei 5 passi, o forse hai già completato il corso preparatorio di basso elettrico, e stai pensando come proseguire. Beh, ecco una notizia molto importante! Ti anticipiamo che manca davvero poco alla pubblicazione dell’ultimo ciclo del Bassista Contemporaneo… Continua a leggere

On 8 December 2016, the fourth cycle of the online course (lectures 16-20!) is released.

Lessons 16 to 20 coming soon! Just a few lines to let you know that the fourth cycle of the online Contemporary Bassist course (lessons 16-20) is finally coming out on 8 December 2016. We are currently editing the last 10 videos. Including these, there are about 20 left to upload. I'd say we make it 🙂... Continue reading

Special bonus for those who buy Contemporary Bassist... until 20 October 2016!

It is September and the new school year has just begun. For many music fans, it's time to get back out the instrument, the sheet music, the notebook with the staff and more. Are you also thinking of starting to study the electric bass... or maybe the... Continue reading

Coming soon, the third cycle of the online course (lessons 11-15)!

Lessons 11 to 15 coming soon! Just a few lines to let you know that we have finally started uploading the videos for the third cycle of the Contemporary Bassist online course (lessons 11-15). If I said it would be quick, I would be unreliable. It's a lot of videos (over 60), however we try to go... Continue reading