25 January 2016 sees the release of the Contemporary Bassist online course!

Ecco la prima parte: LEZIONI dalla 1 alla 5 (le basi del corso!) 37 video pronti all’uso: online dal 25 gennaio 2016! Se anche tu hai dubitato che il corso online esistesse veramente, o hai pensato che fosse tutto un bluff, leggi bene perché lunedì prossimo si aprono le porte… Continua a leggere

Video pill from lesson 19g: EAR TRAINING SCALE

Straight from the online course based on Contemporary Bassist 1 Here is an example of an Ear training exercise applied to Scales. Ear training is a very important and actually often neglected subject. The bass player tends to prefer technique, the study of bass lines, in some cases even the... Continue reading

How to create effective and engaging 5/4 bass lines

Directly from Contemporary Bassist 2, here is a taste of how to work on a 5/4 time signature with the electric bass. The material in this article complements and develops the lessons you find in volume 2 on this topic. If you have bought the book, you should definitely read... Read more

7 reasons why you shoudn't choose the Contemporary Bassist

Find out if the Contemporary Bassist method is for you or not! Although aimed at a very small niche of musicians, this method and in particular volume 1 is now well known in the Italian bassist community. The main reason is that it gives you a very... Continue reading