Sign up for Jeff Berlin's workshop in Bologna!

Jeff Berlin in Bologna, a learning and inspirational opportunity we've been waiting for so finally about to become a reality! Find below all the details for attending. The registration fee is very affordable, as is the meeting place. And so I recommend that if you play bass or guitar (but also other instruments), take advantage of... Continue reading

Jeff Berlin workshop in Bologna - April 24, 2023!

Do you play bass guitar or guitar? Join the Jeff Berlin Workshop sponsored and organized by Basslab in Bologna on April 24, 2023. Listen to Titian's invitation in the video below and sign up now! One of the greatest bass players and teachers of all time, currently on tour in Italy, stops by BassLab for a special... Continue reading

The luck of having the Contemporary Bassist Online!

Contemporary Bassist Online: HAPPINESS... or LONGEVITY? Now that everyone is moving (or has moved) their music lessons ONLINE, someone recently said to me, "Man, what a LUCKY thing you and Titian had to do the online course, so now you guys already have it!" Well, when I think of the... Continue reading

3 qualities of a good music teacher

3 fundamental qualities of a good music teacher I often find myself thinking about what it means to be a teacher. I, who have been teaching English since I was 17 (a lifetime!) and who try in every way to make people fall in love with this language that everyone thinks is difficult...... Continue reading

How do you know you are learning? 5-point guide to understanding your progress

Understanding your progress on the bass: quite a feat! After more than thirty years of teaching electric bass and double bass, I realised that the biggest problem for a student is to understand what it really means to improve as a musician. Understanding your progress. Also because if you've never played before,... Continue reading

How to distinguish a method that works... from a bogus one?

Two methods compared Let's talk about methods for learning the fundamentals of a discipline. Methods for bass guitar? No, not necessarily... The discourse is broader, in fact it starts from a completely different field. The question is: What is it that distinguishes a method that works, that gives results to its users, from a method... Continue reading

ZTL ep.4 How to find a good bass teacher

ZTL ep.4 How to find a good bass teacher: 3 fundamental characteristics episode number 4 in the ZTL series: How to find a good bass teacher. Three fundamental characteristics that every good teacher should have, to be able to offer you truly useful and effective lessons. Fourth episode of Tiziano Zanotti's programme dedicated... Continue reading