Oltre le note: come diventare un musicista completo!

I fondamenti del bassista (anzi musicista!) completo – Ti sei mai fermato a riflettere su cosa significhi davvero essere un bassista (anzi, musicista!) completo? Non si tratta solo di saper suonare le note giuste al momento giusto, ma molto di più. È una questione di adattabilità, di creatività e di… Continua a leggere

8 idee pratiche per ravvivare lo studio della musica durante e dopo l’estate (contiene coupon)

8 idee pratiche per sviluppare nuovi progetti musicali prima e dopo le ferie estive! – Eccoci di nuovo a FERRAGOSTO. Scusa la banalità ma… quanto vola il tempo??!! Un anno fa in questo stesso periodo scrissi un articolo a mio avviso molto interessante su come sfruttare il periodo delle vacanze… Continua a leggere

Microthoughts. Studying an online instrument, 3 useful tips

How to study an instrument online (e.g. electric bass!): 3 essentials - The 3 essentials that should never be missing if you decide to study an instrument online. Whether electric bass, piano, drums or any other instrument (even singing), these 3 elements... Continue reading

Microthoughts. How to play relaxed (an alternative point of view)

How do I relax my hands when I play? "What does it really mean to play relaxed? What do I need to do, or not do, to release the tension in my hands that inevitably compromises my performance on the electric bass?" This is the good question sent to us by a student of Contemporary Bassist Online some time... Continue reading

How to go from amateur to professional bass player (another interview!)

3 typical qualities of a professional bass player Still from the comfort of my studio chair, I asked Titian: what do you have to do, or what do you need, if you want to go from amateur to professional? Not just in general, but really do it as a bassist or double bass player 🙂 If by amateur I mean one who... Continue reading

Metronome: 3 wrong habits and how to replace them (interview with Tiziano Zanotti)

3 typical mistakes when using the metronome and how to remedy them immediately 🙂 - Last week I invited Titian to sit in my studio chair (the most comfortable chair in the universe!), to subject him to a kind of musical interrogation 😅 For some time now, various questions about musical practice have been swirling around in my head,... Continue reading

Bass Bonus ep.3 - Speed and precision on the electric bass: 2 top exercises

BASS BONUS ep.3 - Two top exercises to develop speed and precision on the electric bass guitar Episode 3 of the new video series entitled "BASS BONUS", dedicated to the topic of speed and precision on the bass guitar. Starting with a series of videos from the Contemporary Bassist Online, in these episodes Tiziano has extracted... Continue reading

[Lez.30c] Powerful technique on the electric bass with Bach's 2-voice Inventions - Contemporary Bassist Online

Develop a powerful technique on the bass using Bach's 2-voice Inventions - from the online course - Here's to you from Bach's 2-voice Inventions, No 1 in C major, adapted to perfection for the 4-string bass. Final version, performed by Titian within the... Continue reading

[Lez.30] The final video of the Contemporary Bassist Online

What do you do at the end of Contemporary Bassist Online? - I invite anyone who is taking the course online but perhaps still at the beginning or intermediate lessons to watch this video. The final video taken from lesson 30... but don't worry, no spoilers from Titian 😆 I remind you that the Bassist... Continue reading