Online electric bass course

Meet the Contemporary Bassist Online!

The first and only professional electric bass guitar course
that you can take entirely on the Internet

Dal 2016, il Bassista Contemporaneo Online è il corso di basso elettrico “tutto in uno” che ti porta dal livello principiante al livello professionale… senza spostarti di un metro da casa.

The online bass course includes a series of videos and teaching materials linked to the lessons of the Contemporary Bassist method, allowing you to tackle each topic as if you were at a lesson with Tiziano... from the comfort of your own home.


The online course is now fully available in the NEW platform which you can find here ==> (where you can also PURCHASE the books needed to follow the course)


The new online electric bass course is:

  • Totally online → so you can do it from home, wherever you are
  • Built exactly on the Contemporary Bassist method → and therefore super organised, you won't have to worry about deciding where to start or what to study because you will have to follow the lessons in the book, from first to last
  • With all the exercises played and explained by Titian on video → you know? No more doubts about fingerings, sound, rhythm or anything else

How does the online electric bass course work?

1) Ti procuri il Bassista Contemporaneo vol. 1 e vol. 2

Le lezioni del corso di basso elettrico online seguono in ordine tutte le lezioni del Volume 1 e del Volume 2, argomento per argomento, pertanto vanno seguite col relativo libro sul leggio.

2) Ti iscrivi al corso online

Per comodità didattica, l’intero percorso è suddiviso in gruppi di  lezioni, ciascuno contenente dai 110 ai 180 video di durata variabile. Occorre partire da Lezioni 1-10, e seguire tutti i cicli in ordine. Se sei già esperto, puoi dare una rapida scorsa alle prime lezioni (ma NON saltarle!) e passare subito a quelle più avanzate.

L’iscrizione viene effettuata direttamente sulla piattaforma, attraverso un sistema di pagamento super sicuro. Per acquistare bisogna entrare nella pagina (VEDI LINK SOTTO), cliccare sulla casella ISCRIVITI AL CORSO e seguire la procedura di pagamento con Carta di Credito.

Con un’UNICA ISCRIZIONE, avrai già accesso a TUTTI i video. Essendo una membership, l’accesso è illimitato per tutta la durata dell’abbonamento.

3) Follow each video with the bass and play along with Titian

Dopo l’iscrizione, ti basterà inserire inserire email e password e potrai riguardarti i video ogni volta che vorrai dalla sezione I MIEI CORSI dentro alla piattaforma.

At that point, book on the music stand and online lessons on the PC, you have everything you need to start your electric bass adventure. Do all the videos in order and play (or sing, do the rhythm exercises, etc.) with Titian.

With this 'Book + Video Lessons' kit, you have the ultimate method for discovering all the secrets of the electric bass at your fingertips. Without moving a metre from home.


Corso completo: LEZIONI 1-40 (abbonamento mensile/semestrale a rinnovo automatico)

Raggruppati in un unico percorso tutti i video che affrontano nel dettaglio i contenuti della collana di libri Bassista Contemporaneo.

Un totale di 40 lezioni, ovvero tutto il volume 1 (Lezioni 1-25) e la prima parte del volume 2 (Lezioni 26-40), articolate in oltre 750 video molto chiari e facili da seguire.

Una vera rivoluzione nel mondo della didattica del basso elettrico (e non solo)!


Here are some extracts from the whole course!

Want to take a look at the videos of the online electric bass course before you enrol? Here are some examples of videos uploaded to YouTube, taken directly from the virtual classroom.

Video 'little pill' of Lesson 9f Contemporary Bassist 1

Ear training: Hand technique (p. 71)

Video "little pill" of Lesson 11h Part 2 Contemporary Bassist 1

Bass lines (p.106)

Video 'pillow' of Lesson 16G Contemporary Bassist 1

Circle of fifths (p. 123)

Video 'pillow' of Lesson 23a Contemporary Bassist 1

Chords and harmonisation of the Eb major scale (p. 169)


  1. Thank you. It was just what was needed to get an extra gear
    in studying the method.
    Congratulations on your professionalism!

    • Contemporary Bassist

      Thanks to you, Giampiero, we are leaving in a week!

    • Antonio Marangotto

      In the meantime, LOTS OF WISHES FOR A HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE, I've entered the new platform, it's a marvel, beautiful, very well structured, I couldn't do it but thanks to the instructions given to me by Anna I did it, beautiful. I am happy
      Greetings Antonio
      Thanks again and all the best

  2. Thank you Mr. Tiziano everything ok and well explained, I have the book and I have seen lessons 1-5, great and nice work. I look forward to the next ones thanks again and congratulations for the idea of the online course, I live in Savona and I hope u
    nce I come to visit you and meet you in person
    thanks also to Ms Anna
    gigi baron

    • Contemporary Bassist

      Thank you very much for the appreciation, Gigi. The online course is a huge piece of work that took so many hours, but it encapsulates the best of what I pass on to my students in class. You'll see the next lessons, the more we go on the more interesting and full of insights they become.

      And when you decide to drop by Bologna, you are always welcome 🙂 🙂

  3. Good evening
    I would like to know the total cost of the online lessons
    Thank you

    • Contemporary Bassist

      Hi Silvano! The lessons come out progressively in groups of 5, they follow the book perfectly and must be approached in order. The publication also follows this approach, as there are a lot of videos for each cycle. We want to do everything possible so that important parts of the course are not lost... Ergo, the total cost will be available when everything is published 🙂

  4. bravo Tiziano , the method is very well done and the videos help you study better and understand the use of the bass better

    • Antonio Marangotto

      Thank you so much Titian for the lessons you sent me,I will start after April 15,because they make me a new card,for what I have waited until now. I also wanted to ask you,but if I can not finish the lessons in a month,I do not have time,I have Sundays,I work hard the time I have,I can do,I like it and I do not want to give up now that I have found a really professional course.
      Your videos are great, and I learn well, the book is great, but I miss the course, and when I get the card I will start, because they are making new prepaid San Paolo cards, so I can access the course so aspired by me, I can not wait
      Many greetings,

  5. Since those who study at home take their time, you cannot extend the time because one month seems short to me

    • Contemporary Bassist

      Hi Roberto,
      By convention, our chosen subscription period is monthly. But it is not that the lessons self-delete or disappear forever after 30 days. No, it is well specified that after 30 days you can renew your subscription for another 30 days (and so on). Everyone will then be able to regulate their own time as best they can 🙂 🙂

      • Hi Titian
        I immediately took advantage of both the book and the online lessons; unfortunately, due to time constraints, I wasn't able to finish the video part within the month. That's the only shortcoming I found in your teaching proposal. Now I read that you can renew your membership, and, I wanted to find out if renewal entails paying another month's fee.
        Thank you in advance.

        • Contemporary Bassist

          Hi Domenico, I understand what you write... If you go to the section The Contemporary Bassist's Post, you will find some articles with the reasons for this choice very well explained. Nobody would finish the course if we didn't do this, unfortunately.

          Having said that, write to info @ and we'll see what we can do... specify which cycle you are referring to in particular, OK? Thanks!

  6. Hi Tiziano, I would like to know if, by enrolling, the month of fruition is a calendar month, i.e. is it better to enrol on the first of a month, or is it a period of 30 days from the date of enrolment. Thank you. Gianni

  7. Francesco Commisso

    I recently finished the cycle of the first five lessons. It was a good opportunity to methodically go over topics I already knew but in a somewhat haphazard way. Now everything is clearer, simpler and tidier. Kudos to the Maestro for the monumental work he is doing. I look forward to the release of the second cycle of lessons - from 6 to 10.

    • Contemporary Bassist

      Thank you very much, Francesco, the whole point of the course is to reinforce the very clear logic behind the whole book, so on with it! The second cycle has just come out 🙂 🙂

  8. I would like to know when lectures 11 onwards are expected to be released. Thank you

    • Antonio Marangotto

      Thank you so much Titian for the lessons you sent me,I will start after April 15,because they make me a new card,for what I have waited until now. I also wanted to ask you,but if I can not finish the lessons in a month,I do not have time,I have Sundays,I work hard the time I have,I can do,I like it and I do not want to give up now that I have found a really professional course.
      Your videos are great, and I learn well, the book is great, but I miss the course, and when I get the card I will start, because they are making new prepaid San Paolo cards, so I can access the course so aspired by me, I can not wait
      Many greetings,

  9. Hello, truly spectacular! Also for those who have already been playing for a while to get their theory in order. Two questions: I have almost completed BC1, will there be an online course for BC2, based on the manual I already have?
    Is there any plan to publish the BC3 manual?

    Thank you and good work!

    • Contemporary Bassist

      The answer is yes to both questions, Luca, but the timing is still unknown. These are two mega jobs... But they will definitely come out!

      • Antonio Marangotto

        I bought the contemporary bassist book, I'm already studying it with the videos Titian put up, very well programmed, now I'm waiting for the rechargeable card to arrive, and I start with the lessons

  10. hello, i have the book but i have not studied it as i do not know and do not know how to read music, i have always played and had lessons but not theory, is the video course also to understand how to read music ?

    • Contemporary Bassist

      Hi Giacomo, the book starts from scratch and really teaches you how to read music. That is one of its main features. If you start from lesson 1 in a short time you can make up for this shortcoming of yours, as many have done before you. But for that to happen, you need to at least open it up and study it a bit 🙂 🙂


  12. Dear tizziano I didn't understand whether the course from 21 to 25 has already come out or is still to come out let me know

    • Contemporary Bassist

      hi Nicola
      the page has been created and most of the videos are already uploaded, but it is not open yet because the ones from lesson 25 are missing... The doors open from next week 😉

  13. Dear Mr. Zanotti, I would like to purchase the two volumes of Contemporary Bassist.
    Following the indications on your site I have looked for it in the various music shops you indicate, but there is no trace of it. I have written to the publisher you indicate and have not received a reply.
    Would you suggest a way for me to purchase it?
    I live in Rome.
    Thank you and congratulations on your teaching activity.
    Umberto Bagni

    • Contemporary Bassist

      hi Umberto
      we received your email last Friday and replied to you this afternoon with the info to buy volume 1 from us (volume 2 is not available at the moment). We sent you the e-mail, you must not have received it...

      Also, if you go to the Borsari strumenti musicali website you can buy it online right away. We've just restocked them, so it's not true that there's no sign of them OK? In fact they will have at least a dozen copies 🙂 🙂

      See you soon

  14. I cannot load the lessons page

  15. How do I get the book(s)? Thanks Antonio p.s. can you order and receive them at home?

  16. Fausto Cantagalli

    The cooment you mention is unfortunately the result of the envy of some people who suffer constantly, don't worry because both the practical and oral teaching is impeccable, for those who want to obtain brilliant results, patience, study, willpower and constancy are needed. Unfortunately, I started at an advanced age and I am unable to follow the course assiduously, but precisely because I have seen the levels one could reach, I regret the lost time. Keep up the good work Fausto

  17. Antonio Marangotto

    I like him so much,Tiziano is the first teacher who gives me a lot of confidence,he is good,I am happy,and I am happy to have found your school by chance,now I don't go to other places to look,I have found the best,I never expected it. Tiziano you are really good, and patient. Many greetings

    • Contemporary Bassist

      Thank you very much Antonio! Keep it up and you will see that you will have a lot of satisfaction with the bass!!!

  18. Antonio Marangotto

    Excuse me Tiziano,I wanted to ask you why I cannot download the 42-page basslab introductory course,when I send the email I get the videos but the free copy I cannot download from the printer,so how can I get the copy of the course?
    Best regards

  19. I wanted to know if it is possible to start the course now from the beginning I have already downloaded the demo and I am very interested and motivated if possible

    • Contemporary Bassist

      Hi Bruno, you can start whenever you want as it is an online course. The important thing is that you get the BC1 book first by sending an email to info @ (written all stuck together) because it is essential to follow the videos and do all the exercises. We look forward to your email, see you soon!

  20. I have been trying out your course for days, finally today I decided to buy the two volumes. Having already played the bass when I was young, today that I am about 60, I have rediscovered the desire to study. In my time, it was all about improvisation. I assure you, from my experience, that the course is very valid. BRAVO TIZIANO

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