Bassista Contemporaneo Online: pronta la lezione 36!

Nuovi video del corso online: disponibile in piattaforma la lezione 36! – Oggi vorrei darti un aggiornamento importante sul corso online dedicato al volume 2, ovvero il gruppo di Lezioni 31-50. Quindi questo messaggio è per te se hai fatto il corso online fino alla 35, o comunque fino alla… Continua a leggere

Appuntamento con l’esame di certificazione 1° livello: 18 febbraio 2023

Ecco qua la data del prossimo esame di certificazione!   Siamo molto felici di annunciare la data del prossimo esame di certificazione in Bassista Contemporaneo 1° livello: sabato 18 febbraio 2023. L’esame è aperto a max 5 studenti, di cui 4 già prenotati, e si terrà a Bologna presso la… Continua a leggere

Ep.2 Microadventures of volume 2: bass guitar, synth guitar and drums

Involve your friends in practicing volume 2 - Here's another example of a microadventure you could have by repurposing the material from Contemporary Bassist volume 2 in a more free-form way together with some of your other musician friends. May I remind you that the MICROAVENTURES series was created by... Continue reading

Ep.1 Microadventures: Bass lines of vol.2 in action

Contemporary Bassist 2: A gold mine of basslines and grooves! - The Contemporary Bassist Volume 2 is a veritable gold mine of musically interesting basslines and grooves that can "live a life of their own" and give much satisfaction, in the hands of minimally creative and resourceful students. Here is a... Continue reading

How to overcome anxiety from ... improvisation

Improvisation anxiety: you can overcome it too! - Today I want to point out a wonderful video from the online course, for me one of the most entertaining, which also gave me an opportunity to reflect on how you can quite easily overcome "improv anxiety." Maybe it is not your problem, in fact you... Continue reading

6 musical inspirations for this summer

6 inspirations for new summer or pre-autumn music projects - Summer break is now. Finally, you will say! Personally, the purchase of the mezza coda has forced me to make a choice this year, namely to spend the vacations à la maison, but that's okay. I'll tell you, these very hot days are birthing... Continue reading

Titian's Invitation: Come to Contemporary Bassist Online and try it for free for 3 days!

Are you coming to Contemporary Bassist Online? You can sign up and try it for free for 3 days! - Do you want to learn to play electric bass guitar? Listen to Titian's invitation. Come to the Contemporary Bassist Online - the first professional electric bass guitar course you can take entirely on the Internet. Proven over 6 years... Continue reading

Studying music online: 3 useful tips to get the most out of lessons

3 essential points for studying bass guitar online with satisfaction - A few months ago we held a live broadcast with the first level students of Contemporary Bass Player Online (to be clear, those who study the video lectures dedicated to vol.1), and on that occasion a question emerged for Titian. How can I... Continue reading

3-day free trial of Contemporary Bassist Online! - did you know that in January 2022 we celebrated the first 6 years of Contemporary Bassist Online? It's practically a kid already :-)))) Right from the start we structured it in cycles, that is, groups of lessons, first of all because the videos were coming out... Continue reading