Oltre le note: come diventare un musicista completo!

I fondamenti del bassista (anzi musicista!) completo – Ti sei mai fermato a riflettere su cosa significhi davvero essere un bassista (anzi, musicista!) completo? Non si tratta solo di saper suonare le note giuste al momento giusto, ma molto di più. È una questione di adattabilità, di creatività e di… Continua a leggere

How to overcome anxiety from ... improvisation

Improvisation anxiety: you can overcome it too! - Today I want to point out a wonderful video from the online course, for me one of the most entertaining, which also gave me an opportunity to reflect on how you can quite easily overcome "improv anxiety." Maybe it is not your problem, in fact you... Continue reading

What is the difference between the book Contemporary Bassist and the online course?

Can I use the book BASSISTA CONTEMPORANEO without following the online course videos? A question I often receive is about the difference between the book Contemporary Bassist and the Contemporary Bassist Online course. I have answered it in writing many times, and it is also explained very well on this site. But I realised... Continue reading

Where to start? A Short Guide to the Contemporary Bassist!

Hello not long ago I received this email: "I recently purchased a bass guitar and need to start playing. Is volume 2 simply a revamped edition of volume 1? Or is it better to use volume 1 first and then volume 2?" Of course it was just pointing out, it goes without saying that the... Continue reading