Where to start? A Short Guide to the Contemporary Bassist!

I received this e-mail not long ago:

"I have recently bought a bass guitar and need to start playing. Is volume 2 simply a revamped edition of volume 1? Or is it better to use volume 1 first and then volume 2?"

Of course it was just to point out, it goes without saying that volume 2 is a continuation of volume 1. But since I get requests for clarification every day, I thought I'd leave you with a quick guide to Planet Contemporary Bassist to guide you if you have any doubts.

Contemporary Bassist Method - Where to start?

If you have just got an electric bass or are just starting out, these are the 3 steps to take IN ORDER to learn how to play this fantastic instrument with our method.

A) Corso introduttivo “5 passi per partire col piede giusto”

Download it from here ==> https://corso-online.bassistacontemporaneo.it/5-passi

The preparatory method for the Contemporary Bassist, consisting of 1 PDF, 22 audio bases and 25 video lessons. The same course we use at BassLab with absolute beginners and anyone approaching music for the first time.

With the 5 Steps you have the chance to try out for yourself the working method used by the Contemporary Bassist, which is clearly still very soft here. But it gives a lot of satisfaction, as all those who have used it tell us.

After this, if you are happy with it go to ==>

B) Contemporary Bassist 1 NEW EDITION + (possibly) online course

220-page book consisting of 25 progressive lessons dedicated to acquiring all the basic elements of the electric bass as an accompanying instrument. It corresponds to the first level of the course. It starts off light, but from lesson 11 onwards it changes game and becomes a very intense book.

For this, it is ideal to combine it with the online course (now THE EASY WAY), i.e. the more than 350 videos dedicated to the book's lessons that allow you to address each topic in the book as clearly as possible, as if you were coming to class at BassLab.

Already followed by hundreds of people, the online course has trained and improved the musical lives of hundreds of bass players in its first 6 years (but the book has been around for over 30 years!).

After this go to ==>

C) Contemporary Bassist 2 + (possibly) online course

The second level of the course, i.e. another 25 lessons and 300 pages of music dedicated to deepening the use of the bass guitar in various musical genres. Full of practical material on styles, technique including slap and tapping, harmony etc...

Fortunately, we also have the online course here (up to lesson 35, it is a work in progress), to give you all the support you need to tackle this undoubtedly very difficult material with confidence.

What if I am not a beginner?

You skip point A and go straight to B. You don't want to go straight to C, i.e. volume 2, because the Contemporary Bassist method follows an original approach that you won't find anywhere else.

You should therefore familiarise yourself with its approach first, both so that you do not feel lost even before starting vol. 2 due to the lack of a 'common language', but also to reap all the benefits it can give you.

I hope this guide to the Contemporary Bassist has helped you gain clarity and make the best choice 🙂 🙂

I remind you that the first level is now available on our platform with the super convenient subscription formula, to accompany you from week to week on the wonderful discovery of the secrets of the electric bass.

Log in from here ==> https://corso-online.bassistacontemporaneo.it/volume-1-easy-way

Remember to add vol.1 needed to follow the video lectures, if you are still missing it. If you were already thinking about it but always wanted to wait for better times, believe me, there is no better time than now!

Have a good day,

P.S. Your subscription to The Easy Way also includes a monthly appointment with Titian on Google Meet where you can ask your questions about the lesson material.

The next session is scheduled for Monday 31 January 2022, register for the course to be able to participate!

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