How to buy the book

Our methods are very easy to find, wherever you are in Italy and abroad. Here are the possibilities to buy the books in the Contemporary Bassist series at your disposal!

Italy - Direct Contact

Puoi acquistare i metodi della collana Bassista contemporaneo da questo link ==>

I materiali vengono spediti in Italia tramite raccomandata semplice piego di libri, tracciabile ed economica (€ 5,00 fino a 2 kg di peso). No contrassegno.


Italy - Bookshops and shops

The books Contemporary Bassist Volume 1 and Volume 2 can also be purchased in the following musical instrument shops, which we personally stock.

Borsari Strumenti Musicali (online purchase and shipping throughout Italy)
Rotonda Giuseppe Antonio Torri 9BC, Bologna

House of Music
Via Antonio Cesari, 7 Modena

Via G. Bianchi, 5/A Ferrara


Italia/Estero – Amazon

Volume 1 in italiano ==> e sucessivamente clicca su “Visualizza tutte le opzioni di acquisto”, da lì potrai aggiungerlo al carrello

Volume 1 in inglese ==> e successivamente clicca su “Visualizza tutte le opzioni di acquisto”, da lì potrai aggiungerlo al carrello.

Estero – distributore


Our foreign distributor is the company Grahl & Nicklas GmbH, based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

They sell and ship worldwide, directly to retailers (no private individuals!).


1) Go to your nearest book or musical instrument shop
2) Ask them to contact the distributor, providing the details below

ECCO I DATI del distributore (solo per i negozi)

Grahl & Nicklas GmbH - Musikgroßsortiment
Gwinnerstraße 13 - 60388 Frankfurt/Main
Fon: 0049 69 94 20 98 00



  1. Hi I'm Roberto, I'm interested in buying your two books with CDs plus the reading pdf, I wanted to know the price including shipping, also I wanted to know regarding the online course how many lessons it will be, if the price remains locked at ten euros and if you have time limits to study the online course or after paying for it do you always have it available?

    • Contemporary Bassist

      Hi Roberto
      for the purchase is written very clearly above, send an email to info @ (written all over).

      The project includes all of volume 1, as a minimum. The price of 10 euro remains locked until 29/2, then it increases. You have it for 30 days, renewable. If you go to the online course page it is clearly written. In any case, if you send an e-mail to the above address I will also send you info on the online course.

      Thank you very much see you soon!

  2. Great forum.Much thanks again. Awesome. Kreisher

  3. Hi, I think the method is well done and very useful for those who want to learn to play the bass well.
    And I am tempted to buy the two books including 'Reading 1'.

    However, I find it wrong to rent the online course.
    I, for example, can't always be constant in attending classes for work reasons, and having to rent the course again is something I'm economically comfortable with.

    The question is: if I follow the method well, can I do without the online course? Do I already find what Titian teaches in the online course on the CDs?

    • Contemporary Bassist

      Hi Mario
      the CD contains 25 audio tracks, one per lesson from the book. The online course now comprises 230 videos in which Titian explains every single topic to you, showing you exactly what you have to do and playing each exercise with you first slowly, then at the required speed. It goes without saying that the two are not in any way comparable... The monthly cost is still very low compared to the value these videos give you, which is enormous. Then of course you see for yourself... 🙂 🙂

  4. I am a beginner, I strum guitar and would like to switch to bass using my son's instrument ibanez crossover sr6. It has 6 strings, will that be too many? Do I need the first book and can I not buy the reading book or will I have to sulfur sooner or later?

    • Contemporary Bassist

      The ideal is to start with the 4-string. Forget the 6-string for now. Get yourself Contemporary Bassist Volume 1 (only this one) and sign up for the online course. This method helps you learn to read music. It does this in a very easy and gradual way, starting from lesson 1. You don't have to solve in a theoretical way, but read music by playing the instrument... The results are super guaranteed, with hundreds of students. So in summary, volume 1 and online course, that's all you need!

  5. Hello,I live in Berlin.
    I would like to start the bass guitar course online,
    I saw how to buy the course but I don't understand how I can buy the book.

    • Contemporary Bassist

      Hi Enzo, it says it very clearly above!

      Fortunately, we have a distributor (wholesaler) in Frankfurt who ships to shops all over the world and even more so to Germany. They should have copies of both books, by the way. So:

      1) Go to your nearest book or musical instrument shop in Berlin.
      2) Ask them to contact the distributor to order them, here are their details:

      Grahl & Nicklas GmbH - Musikgroßsortiment
      Gwinnerstraße 13 - 60388 Frankfurt/Main
      Fon: 0049 69 94 20 98 00

      You shouldn't have any problems, both being in Germany... That's all 🙂 Keep me in the loop of course!

  6. Bye,

    I am Cristian and I live in Bali(Indonesia). I have already taken the introductory contemporary bassist course. I now want to move on to the BC course but I have a problem.
    The musical instrument shop doesn't want to help me request the book volume 1, nor does the bookseller. What can I do? Why doesn't the forwarding agent ship to private individuals?
    Thank you and best regards

    • Contemporary Bassist

      Hi Cristian, I'll try to see the costs for shipping to Indonesia, I don't think they are very low, alas.

      You can also go to any instrument or music book shop and ask if they can contact our distributor:
      Grahl & Nicklas GmbH - Musikgroßsortiment
      Gwinnerstraße 13 - 60388 Frankfurt/Main
      Fon: 0049 69 94 20 98 00

      The distributor ships directly to the shop... Maybe they agree to procure it for you. In any case, write to us at: info @ (all attached), so we can handle the situation better. Thank you!

  7. Hi I wanted to better understand the material available, on the net I downloaded the introductory course of the first 25 lessons, 25 basics and 25 videos.
    Should I also buy the following books:
    Bassist 1 (+cd): 28 euros
    Bassist 2 (+cd): 35 euros
    Bassist 1 (PDF): 20 euro
    ...what does the content include and what added value would they give me?

    Instead, what do the 25 paid videos on the site include and which ones should I buy to go along with the books listed above?
    Thank you,

    • Contemporary Bassist

      hi Dario
      It says it all on our website. The 5 steps is an introductory course, as the word says a very very simple course to do the first month of bass. Then you don't stop there... At that point you go to Volume 1, which starts practically from the last of the 5 steps, where you go deeper into technique, rhythmic knowledge, ear training, bass lines, etc., to arrive already at a very advanced level. Volume 2 is not available now, while the reading book serves to strengthen your ability to read at first sight on the bass (you introduce it from the middle of vol.1). But I repeat, if you browse the site on the 'What is it' and 'Online Course' pages, you will find everything explained very well. Please read them!

      However, I do not understand what you are referring to with the 25 paid videos on the site. Write to info @ and explain further... Thanks!

  8. Hello I would like to purchase the 2 texts

    I wrote an e-mail but got no reply

    How to do it?
    Thank you

    • Contemporary Bassist

      Hi Francesco, did you know that your e-mail never arrived? Maybe it had ended up in spam, who knows. If you don't mind, try writing back to us using this address:

      Thank you very much!

  9. Congratulations on the course, which I am considering purchasing from scratch.
    I would like to know if, in the reading volume, the fingering is highlighted under each exercise. How does the purchase proceed?
    Thank you.

    • Contemporary Bassist

      The reading volume should be combined with Contemporary Bassist 1, ideally from lesson 10 onwards. Fingering is not indicated, because by studying with the BC you will have learnt our reading system, which is very fluid, very comfortable, and then you will apply it to the Reading in a very natural way. We do not recommend using the reading book alone, the best thing is always to start with the Contemporary Bassist because it is the method that allows you to learn all the fundamentals of the instrument and all the theoretical concepts that allow you to play the bass in the best way. See you soon!

      Thank you soon

  10. Tommaso Carofiglio


    I already have the book Bassist 1. I would also like to purchase the reading book 1 which, if I understand correctly, is in pdf format. I assume that after purchase I will receive a link to download it, right? Would it be possible to view an excerpt of a few pages before purchasing it?

    Thank you

  11. Hello and congratulations on your site, which is very interesting and has very instructive demo videos. I'll get straight to the question: I really like the sound of the bass, so much so that I'd like to try playing, only I'm past 50 and am absolutely out of tune, both tonally and rhythmically. I've tried counting the beats of bass lines on music I like (Tower of power, Muse, James Brown, etc.,) but I easily get lost here already... To guess a key or an interval, no way.
    Be honest: do I have any hope or do I risk wasting time, money and patience?
    Thank you and good work!

    • Contemporary Bassist

      hi Mariano
      As far as intervals are concerned, it's very normal, it takes a long time to guess them. Ditto for rhythm. One would like to be able to manage the whole musical universe straight away, it's normal to have this desire but it's practically impossible. Instead, things work if you go step by step, one piece at a time, like solving a puzzle :-). Or building a house... So ideally you finish the 5 steps and then start with Volume 1 + online course. Step by step you tackle all the topics very calmly and quietly, starting from scratch, and in this way you'll be able to solve all your doubts... without stress! Consider that the majority of the participants are adults like you (with the same doubts and uncertainties as you at the beginning) and that they are enthusiastic about their own progress, made possible thanks to the step-by-step approach of the method. Follow this advice and you will have great satisfaction!

  12. Hi Tiziano , I have just contacted you to purchase the book volume 1 , I have been playing bass for years now and currently the only bass player with a Big Band of about 30 elements , I need however to make the leap I am willing to start from scratch . As soon as I receive the book I will purchase the first series of videos online . Given my not exactly green age, maybe I will need it for my next reincarnation. P.S. Does one need a membership card for the Circle of Fifths? Thanks, congratulations, a greeting from Umberto

  13. Hello I recently started learning this wonderful instrument together with a bass player who unfortunately could no longer help me. I was just starting to understand how to play along with the drums (the Rhythmic). Now I'm wondering if with this method of study, when I listen to a song with my band, I can then find the right rhythmic groove? Because I still can't find the right bass line. I can accompany the guitarist but not the drummer. Help meiiiii....Thanks for your work. Hi

  14. Good morning, I have just bought volume 1 of BASSISTA CONTEMPORANEO and I wanted to find out how to download the 25 audio tracks which, I understand, should be available on-line as a supplement to the 25 lessons, replacing the CD from some time ago.
    Is it possible to have some indication?
    Thank you very much.

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