What is The Contemporary Bassist

Contemporary Bassist: the ultimate method for learning the electric bass guitar

Bassista Contemporaneo is the 'electric bass bible' from a technical and mental point of view, adaptable to any current or future musical genre and style.

  • Not a list of repetitive, jumbled exercises inserted just to 'extend the broth' without a clear idea of their purpose
  • No randomly put together chapters with poor, convoluted or incomprehensible explanations
  • No more wasting time and money searching for complementary materials, to fill gaps and insufficient methods

On the contrary, a unique PROGRESSIVE and COMPLETE method where you study the technical basics to be able to tackle any musical genre (rock, funky, jazz, latin, etc.) and be able to insert yourself in any kind of band with professional skills.


The complete project consists of 4 BOOKS of 25 lessons each, for a total of 100 lessons. The aim is to eliminate any technical, theoretical and musical doubts that you might have when studying with incomplete or superficial materials, to enable you to achieve the best possible results.

The Contemporary Bassist does not teach you a song. But he gives you a method to learn how to play any song (T.Z.)


These books have been used and tested with hundreds of students, from beginners to advanced students to professional musicians.

Have you read the page of REVIEWS received from the many happy and often amazed bassists about the progress they have made? You can find them here: http://www.bassistacontemporaneo.it/testimonianze/.

If you want to stop wasting time on useless material and seriously play your cards as a bass player, choose Contemporary Bassist for your training as a musician.

You will learn how to build super effective bass lines, improvise on the electric bass with taste and skill, create arrangements for your band, even compose your own bass pieces if you want to.

Of course you will have to put in your own time and energy. But rest assured that your musical life will be completely changed.

Below you will find information on the Contemporary Bassist volumes available to the public, and the complementary materials you can use alongside the main course to enhance its results.



BOOK 220 pages + 25 online VIDEO bases
Tiziano Zanotti

ISBN 979-12-200-5194-1
Price: € 30.00

25 progressive lessons dedicated to the study of two-hand technique and the creation of accompaniment lines in the main genres of modern music. The focus is on chord construction, arpeggios, scale exercises, music reading and ear training.


  1. New binding with 'coil' spiral, little used in Italy (but will become so after us!), sturdier but very convenient for the bookstand.
  2. Revamped graphics, with all music examples rewritten with Finale and therefore super readable.
  3. Including lots of extra explanations to clarify each concept for you and provide further guidance on how to practice the exercises.
  4. Addition ofan appendix with 10 new original pieces composed following the progression and methodology of the book, to provide you with ad hoc material to practise with real pieces of music
  5. Complete with 25 audio backing tracks uploaded on screen in an ad hoc ONLINE area, on which you can play whenever you want by connecting to the Internet (at no extra cost).

Contemporary Bassist 1 is therefore a super effective working tool for musicians, teachers, music schools and all those who want to acquire a comprehensive basic musical training.

!! Volume 1 has turned into a real HOME COURSE!

In addition to the book, you have access to 350 online videos and other materials, TO BE FOLLOWED IN PROGRESSIVE ORDER, which will enable you to address each topic in the book with as much clarity as possible.

Youstudy where and when you want, but following a precise structure. Of course you will always need the book, and an Internet connection. In no time, one video at a time, you will have spectacular results and your musical life will change forever!

Find out how the Contemporary Bassist Online course works on this page: http://www.bassistacontemporaneo.it/bassista-contemporaneo-online/


(new 2018 edition - new coil spiral binding)

BOOK 300 pages + 39 bases in online VIDEO
Tiziano Zanotti

Catalogue code 1513 - Price: € 38.00

Consisting of 25 progressive lessons extremely rich in content and exercises. It enables you to acquire complete mastery in accompaniment and improvisation in the musical genres introduced in Volume 1.

Here are some of the main topics covered: slap and tapping technique, modes and pentatonics, tonal and modal harmony, analysis and practice of the classical repertoire, odd times, and more.

With 39 FREE VIDEOS with the original musical backing tracks useful for practising the exercises.

NEWS 1 ==> ONLINE LESSONS 26-30 of Volume 2 released.

You can find them here: corso-online.bassistacontemporaneo.it/lessons-21-30 together with lessons 21-25.

NEWS 2 ==> ONLINE LESSONS 31 onwards of Volume 2 released!

Here is the link: corso-online.bassistacontemporaneo.it/volume-2-lessons-31-50 - The new membership dedicated to Level 2, work in progress (to date 75 videos available up to lesson 33).



Reading cover BE2 for site

PDF 80 pages (downloadable)
Tiziano Zanotti

Catalogue code 1211 - Price: € 20.00

Currently in two volumes, it is a series designed by Tiziano Zanotti to facilitate the study of sight-reading on the electric bass.

Every aspect is studied in detail: rhythm, movements on the keyboard, tonal and atonal style, bass and violin keys, accompaniment by acronyms and more.

With no less than 70 exercises of progressive difficulty covering the range from 1st to 5th capo, this manual allows you to effectively develop sight-reading techniques, i.e. the ability to read the written part from beginning to end without interruptions and with as few mistakes as possible.

By practising daily for 15-20 minute sessions and analysing your results, you can make remarkable progress and then move on to the advanced level!


Improving speed

BOOK 40 pp. + 34 VIDEO online
Tiziano Zanotti

Catalogue code 1616 - Price: € 10.00


A very clear and detailed guide on the subject of electric bass guitar technique, to complement the study of the Contemporary Bassist.

Starting with the main problems that characterise the electric bass, you will find solutions for a healthy and relaxed approach to the instrument. And then lots of ideas and exercises to loosen up your fingers and achieve the speed you've always dreamed of, following a virtuosity training method that few teachers know.

With all line transcriptions following the fingering system used in Contemporary Bassist, and online demonstration videos to use as reference.


5 new tracks + 10 complete, bassless MP3 backing tracks
Tiziano Zanotti

  • The tracks are included in VOLUME 1 New Edition
  • GIFT bases for those taking the online course

Collection of 5 original pieces, with complete arrangements, to practise the material from the first cycle of Contemporary Bassist lessons.

The LEFT HAND stands still in I CAPOTASTO, just like in the first 5 lessons of the Contemporary Bassist. You will also need to use your ring and little finger (i.e. 3rd and 4th fingers) often, to strengthen them to the maximum.

As for the RIGHT HAND, you are asked to control the TOUCH, pressing each note firmly but without being rude.

When you can play them with some confidence, if you have the mp3 backing tracks you can start paying attention to the other instruments as well. It will be like attending an ensemble music session from the comfort of your own home!


5 new tracks + 10 complete, bassless MP3 backing tracks
Tiziano Zanotti

  • The tracks are included in VOLUME 1 New Edition
  • GIFT bases for those taking the online course

Second collection of 5 more original pieces with complete arrangements (including many solos) and brand new custom-built bass lines, taking into account the topics studied in lessons 6-10.

Here you have the opportunity to work the alternation between major and minor sonorities very well, to go over the rhythms well and to start improvising. You even find a hint of the bass as a melodic instrument.

The aim is to consolidate all that has been learnt up to Lesson 10 of Contemporary Bassist, and prepare for the best possible start to the next cycle (Lessons 11-15).


  1. I bought the complete method, each of the two volumes has a CD attached, but I still don't understand how I can get the 5 CDs with the mp3 exercises. Is this a paid service? If yes, could I know the cost? Are these files different from the videos of the online electric bass course?
    thank you

  2. thank you, I have now read the previous answer. greetings

  3. Hello,
    I am planning to buy the first volume but would like to understand
    better the situation with the videos.
    I read somewhere on the site in the past that they are timed, i.e. they are only viewable for a period of time.
    Is that the case or have I read it wrong?
    Have the mp3s all been replaced by the videos?
    Thank you.

    • Contemporary Bassist

      Hi Henry
      everything is well explained on the site. In particular if you read and watch the videos in the section "The Contemporary Bassist's Mail" you will find all the answers 😉

  4. Good morning today I should get the method-book, I can't wait.
    As soon as I have it I will tell you.
    See you soon.

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