What is the difference between the book Contemporary Bassist and the online course?

Can I use the book CONTEMPORARY BASSIST even without following the online course videos?

A question I often receive is about the difference between the book Contemporary Bassist and the course Contemporary Bassist Online.

I have replied in writing many times, and it is also very well explained on this site. But I realised alas that many people do not like to read, but (perhaps) prefer to watch a video to inform themselves.

And so here I am in a new video, which should shed some light on this question in a clear and definitive manner ๐Ÿ™‚

From the best-selling book in Italy for learning the electric bass, to the course in around 350 videos that accompany you step by step in the study of the book itself, discover the 3 essential points that characterise the evolution of the online course.


P.S. If you also prefer to read, you will find a condensed transcript of the video below



Tiziano Zanotti's initial idea was to create an instructional video series to learn the electric bass guitar, entitled PLAY WITH ME - SUONA CON ME.

That is, to simulate a real lesson situation in which after the explanation, thepupil was not left to his own devices but on the contrary could perform every single exercise in the book with him.

This is the genesis of the online course.

Tiziano therefore made all the videos trying to give you all the necessary elements to make you feel like you are participating in a real lesson in person. Also from a technological point of view, so for example:

  • 3 cameras on hands and footsteps
  • professional audio
  • separate channels for bass and other instruments (to remove the bass channel)

And so on. So what do videos have over the book? In short, they add all those things that a book alone, however comprehensive, cannot do


1) First, they EXPLAIN HOW you have to do things

They explain each concept very clearly and precisely, they explain how you have to perform each exercise, and what you have to achieve.

They make you understand the concepts โ‡’ Very useful from lesson 11 onwards, where the material becomes more complex to follow independently and Tiziano's vocal explanations make all the difference in the world to a beginner bass player.

2) Then they SHOW you HOW to do things

They show you how you should perform each exercise (rhythmic, ear training, bass lines, etc.... everything!). If you have any doubts stop the videos and watch โ‡’ This solves a lot of problems and allows you to go faster, especially in more complex lessons.

3) Finally, they PRACTICE everything immediately

They make you practise every single exercise together with the teacher. This is the idea of 'Play with me' at work.

Each exercise is performed first slowly and then at full speed by Titian, and you play everything with him. As if you were in class.

Every element of the book has been turned into a video and you will always and EVERY MOMENT know how to perform it.

Objectively, more than that I don't know what we have to give you ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


We are lucky to live in this era. Technology has come to our aid.

The Contemporary Bassist Online videos represent a new generation in education, an evolution that was unthinkable a few years ago.

We often say that the book is the hardware, and the videos are the software that make the hardware work perfectly. Until a few years ago there was only the hw, and you had to put the sw on it.

Today we also have the software, and the journey is complete.

The videos enrich the book with a wealth of explanations, hints, ideas, tips on HOW YOU CAN PRACTICE, developed over almost 30 years of use with students.

In the videos you also find a lot of extra material that is not in the book, and that helps you to better understand and above all to put into practice immediately.

And for example, modified exercises made more effective to allow the LEARNER to take ownership of the material ELIMINATING ANY DOUBT.


So, summarising the difference between a book and an online course:

THE CONTEMPORARY BASSIST BOOK tells you exactly what you need to do and what you need to know as a first-class bassist. The book is perfect and in terms of content you don't move an inch.

The ONLINE CONTEMPORARY BASSIST COURSE shows you how you should use this material to get the best possible results from it.

Not least, the videos keep you away from the risk of giving up at the first difficulties, and of shelving the book without getting any results. A very real risk when studying alone. And that would be a real shame.

Until next time!


I want to learn to play the electric bass! How can I do that?

Now you know everything:

- If you already have the book, but self-study has got you down, you know that you can now count on the best possible support to overcome any difficulties.

Get the dusty method out of the library (I know it's there anyway) and get on with the course โ‡’ Contemporary Bassist Online. You'll see that in a few months you'll be able to complete the first level and be ready to take on even tougher musical challenges!

- If you don't have the book yet, download and finish the 5 steps and then from the same link โ‡’ Contemporary Bassist Online you get the book and sign up for the course. All you need is an Internet connection and a little elbow grease. You learn even if you don't want to!

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  1. Good evening Maestro Zanotti.
    I am Diego Livatino from Ferrara.
    In brief my story. I'm 50 years old, as a 'boy' I did double bass at the Conservatory up to the 3rd year (so no compimento) and theory and solfeggio up to the 3rd completed. Then life led me to other choices, including musical ones, and I became 'self-taught' without following an organic method any more... also because I live off something else.
    I have just enrolled in the online course and purchased the didactics. I know that the first lessons will probably be something that I take for granted as a technique (but I have lost sight-reading over time, for example)...
    In case during this new course I might encounter some difficulties..can you interact via an online channel or platform to expose them..like how I am now here writing to you?
    Thank you

    • Contemporary Bassist

      hi Diego
      You will see that the videos are of a clarity that is more unique than rare, you will have no difficulty in following them. What's more, they start off very simple, precisely to give everyone the correct approach to my method, which is special and not found in other books. Anyone at any level should start from there. But already from lesson 11 you pick up the pace, and from 16-17 it changes your world!

      In any case, for doubts or anything else, always refer to the e-mail you already have. Time is very short, but we still try to answer everyone... Ferrara is close to Bologna, so you can always think about dropping by one day. Good studying Tiziano

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