Ep.2 Microadventures of volume 2: bass guitar, synth guitar and drums

Involve your friends in practicing volume 2


Here's to you another example of a microadventure you could have by repurposing the material from Contemporary Bassist Volume 2 more freely along with some of your other musician friends.

May I remind you that the MICROAVVENTURES series was created by Titian to give you samples of the "artistic" potential of the method's bass lines, after rearranging them for trio with piano/guitar and drums.

Find episode 1 here: http://www.bassistacontemporaneo.it/microavventure-episodio-1/

And here is episode 2 built on the lines on page 92. With:

Tiziano Zanotti, shaman synth guitar
Giancarlo Laera, electric bass guitar
Andrea Zucchelli, drums

Recorded @ Wa-nsky studio Bologna


Are you ready to experience your own micro-adventures?

Use these "microadventures" to inspire you and begin to develop the material creatively and personally, organizing engaging and fruitful ensemble music sessions.

The procedure is always the same: READ - ANALYZE - RECREATE - IMPROVISE 😊


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