Microthoughts. How to play relaxed (an alternative point of view)

How do I relax my hands when I play?

"What does it really mean to play relaxed? What should I do, or not do, to ease the tension in my hands that inevitably compromises my performance on the electric bass?"

Here is the good question sent to us by a student of the Contemporary Bassist Online some time ago. A "hot" topic, because it reflects on technique, endurance, speed... Maybe you've asked yourself this question too.

Tiziano Zanotti talked about this very issue in a live broadcast aimed at online course subscribers. After more than 30 years as a musician and teacher, Tiziano completely turns the question upside down and gives you an alternative point of view that you can put into PRACTICE right away.

Watch the video now, it is only 3 minutes but very important!

What do you think? Give it a try and let me know!

Obviously in the online course you will find the exact directions on the correct SETTING of the hands., which is the BASIS of everything for playing relaxed. As well as hundreds of other hints and exercises on how to improve your skills on the electric bass.


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