Microthoughts. Studying an online instrument, 3 useful tips

How to study an instrument online (for example, electric bass!): 3 essential points


The 3 essentials that should never be missing if you decide to study an instrument online. Whether it is electric bass, piano, drums or any other instrument (even singing), these 3 elements make the experience not only enjoyable but most importantly effective and incisive.

In other words, if you really want to learn and notice improvements in your playing, you need all 3. So much so that it's useful for you to follow them even if you study "offline," in prensence, that is, with a teacher who sees you in person.

Titian talked about this a few months ago in a live broadcast for subscribers to the Contemporary Bassist Online, in which the goal was to provide insights into how best to use the course.

These suggestions (the third being most important of all) come from a very concrete experience of over 35 years of working with students of all types and ages, and they have proven effectiveness!

Watch the video now, it is less than 3 minutes long but very important.

The importance of observation

The basic idea of this video was to provide some tips for getting the best out of the Contemporary Bassist Online. In fact, 3 concepts emerged that are as simple as they are universal and applicable to any instrument.

The third point, observation, is particularly crucial if you study online

Without this "button" turned on, perhaps you are convinced that you have grasped the various details of an exercise (a bass line, a rhythmic pattern, etc.) well, and perhaps that you have reproduced them correctly. Instead, one is completely off track!

Observe and observe yourself. A fundamental point, and absolutely not automatic.

Obviously in the online course you find a wealth of other insights on how to apply these points in practice. And on how to make practice on the bass more and more versatile and interesting as you progress through the lessons.


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