ZTL ep.48 - Get rid of the fear of music theory!

Who is afraid to study theory?

How many of us have stopped playing because of the rejection of the solfeggio? How many have never even started because of the fear of having to start with the solfeggio?!

I know many (and many), especially of this second category. Convinced that music is only taught from solfeggio, and that they would be subjected to months and months of theory before moving on to the instrument. And so RAUS, I postpone music to a later life!!!

Music theory can be a strong deterrent for anyone, that's a fact. But then:

Why is it that most people have an almost congenital rejection of music theory, whereas with our method they not only understand and memorise it, but at some point come to appreciate it?

How is it that we have pupils who themselves, before the Contemporary Bassist, detested it, and now, on the contrary, adore it?

Mystery of faith? Miracle? Maybe, but not really... just work done with a lot of intelligence!

How to really learn music theory

The topics that make up the subject Music Theory are many and often complicated. What Titian has done in the Contemporary Bassist method is:

A) SELECT the necessary information
B) ORGANISING this information in a logical and progressive order, very easy to follow and natural for each learner to assimilate.

Each new brick is added on the basis of the previous one

Basically, it is a matter of having a precise working plan, a good arrangement of the various elements (i.e. making sure they are 'put down' well), and a gradual, light system of putting them into practice.

Done this way, music theory is no longer just a set of notions to learn, all disconnected from each other, but becomes a real story to be told. Anadventure that has surprises in store for you every day. A puzzle to be built day after day, full of possibilities for creating and improvising music.

And if you have any doubts, you simply return to the previous junction (or brick) and regain your bearings.

This is the work that your teacher should also do with you. The real purpose of studying music theory is to increase the tools at your disposal to be able to play to the best of your ability. Never to make you feel inferior, inadequate or deficient!!!

If you want to make sure you learn the theoretical concepts you really need in the easiest and most natural way possible, I look forward to seeing you on the Contemporary Bassist Online Level 1 course.

With over 350 videos at your disposal, you have everything you need to develop your musicality on the electric bass, eliminating any technical, harmonic and instrumental doubts.

Find out how to register for the course by clicking here: ==> https://corso-online.bassistacontemporaneo.it/volume-1-easy-way (do it from this link).

I hope to see you soon in the Contemporary Bassist Online platform (or at Basslab, if you prefer lessons in Bologna).


P.S. Do you already know a bit of theory and want to find out what these bricks, or fundamental joints, are?

Watch this video, a child-proof excursus on music theory in just 13 minutes (ZTL ep.48, one of the most beautiful!).

I would invite anyone to watch this episode, even those who are perhaps a little afraid of having to learn the notes because of distant, somewhat traumatic memories (I myself know something about this).

Fortunately, there is ANOTHER WAY TO DO IT, which for us is the Contemporary Bassist.

It takes you step-by-step through the discovery of theory, tying everything together in one integrated, clear and simple path, continuously applied to the practice of the instrument.

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