Practice on the instrument is the secret of all change

Why does practice on the instrument make all the difference in the world?

When we created the online course (actually, it is Titian who did 99% of the work 😅), we wondered what his true hallmark was, his 'special imprint'.

Or rather, how to get it to people, how to make them understand the impact it could have on them.

There are thousands of online courses and videos. And there were already some back then, in mid-2015, when the first level 1 video lessons came out!

Clearly all the difference in the world is the fact that I had the book, Contemporary Bassist 1, which was the working track, the path that guided the whole project.

Screenshots from Contemporary Bassist Online

The point is that the point of the online course is not to provide you with a collage of material, or a database of 'spot' mini-courses. For that there is youtube, there are other platforms.

The point is to provide you with a pathway that has a clear structure and that, if followed to the letter, gets you safely and gradually from point A to point B.

I know people seek entertainment, levity, distraction... me too, it's normal, it's human and it's good.

With the online course, however, and generally with all other materials produced by Titian, we work on a different level.

The aim is not to entertain you but to produce change!

The aim of the online course is to help you solve problems. To help you do what previously "didn't come to you".

Embed concepts in your mind and root them in your hands and ears through practice, so that they are yours and ready to use in any situation. Give you the opportunity to grow, musically and as a person.

If you just want to sit in front of the screen and relax listening to various kinds of information on the electric bass, scales, arpeggios, maybe how to tune the instrument, you can do that to some extent here.

But that would be like having a Lambo and leaving it in the garage... OK the satisfaction, but in my humble opinion you can get a lot more out of a Lambo, right?!

So listening to speeches is fine, it is essential. But then you have to do. Operate, get to practice!

By dint of practising, lesson after lesson, video after video, the change will happen naturally and automatically. You will make an upward movement from a starting position A to a finishing position B. Where A is 'more' (=major) than B.

More aware of what you are doing, more technically and rhythmically prepared , more sensitive to your ear, more aware of harmonic structures, generally more confident in your means.

This is why Titian always recommends a little commitment and consistency. Let's say a daily practice (30 minutes a day), or three hours a week. Because that's part of the game... Then one is free to adjust as one sees fit.

But if you approach it with the intention of not just receiving information or entertainment, but with the spirit that you are doing something VERY IMPORTANT for you, for your personal and musical improvement, you will definitely approach it better and bring home more noticeable results!

In the end, the online course is a date with yourself and the best version of what you would like to become.

We are waiting for you on board, log in here ==>



P.S. Short on time to practice? Fortunately, with this new membership, the videos will not expire but will remain available in your private area as long as you remain a subscriber, and you can watch them at your leisure.

Remember that you need Volume 1 to follow the video lectures, you can add it on the course registration page if you are still missing it.

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