How to learn difficult pieces on the bass (or other instruments)

5 foolproof steps for mastering difficult songs... but which you can apply to any piece of music - In this article, I will give you the practical and foolproof method I personally use to prepare any piece of music, especially so-called difficult songs. Whether for a video, a... Continue reading

Microthoughts. How to play relaxed (an alternative point of view)

How do I relax my hands when I play? "What does it really mean to play relaxed? What do I need to do, or not do, to release the tension in my hands that inevitably compromises my performance on the electric bass?" This is the good question sent to us by a student of Contemporary Bassist Online some time... Continue reading

Bass Bonus ep. 9 - Top Technique Exercises for the Electric Bass Guitar

BASS BONUS ep.9 - Top Technique Exercises for Electric Bass (with downloadable transcription 😊) - By popular demand, we're back to talking technique - indeed, top technique! - in episode 9 of the BASS BONUS series. In this video Tiziano introduces you to some fundamental exercises to get to play... Continue reading

The origins of the online course: Cycle of the fifths [video 3].

The ORIGINS of the Contemporary Bassist Online. VIDEO 3: The cycle of fifths (lesson 16g) Here is the THIRD video in the Origins of the Contemporary Bassist Online, dedicated to the cycle of fifths for electric bass from lesson 16g and released on 1 September 2015. This video is also part of the series... Continue reading

Just redone Contemporary Bassist Volume 2

Just published Contemporary Bassist volume 2 - 2018 edition After a year's absence (and for some abstinence :-D), Contemporary Bassist volume 2 has just been republished. Still 304 pages packed with content (NO tabs, frills or useless photos). All organised in a precise and... Continue reading

New free videos to learn how to improvise electric bass solos

QUIZ. Would you like to be able to improvise solos on electric bass? Possible answers: Ma va What a bore If I wanted to play solos I'd play guitar A lot... too bad I'm still a beginner I already do it whenever I can If the answer is between 1 and 3, bye and talk to you... Continue reading

The real technique for the electric bass? Non-bass players teach it to you!

... But only if you really care [Reblogged from the BEST OF BASS website] This post is bound to seem a bit strange. I'm going to talk about everything ... except electric bass. And at the same time I'm going to tell you something absolutely fundamental if you want to get really technical on this instrument! I'll take a step back.... Continue reading

New publication: 'Bass on Top - Improve Speed' Guide

How to increase your speed with special exercises from the "Bass on Top" guide Here is a new monographic guide to complement the Contemporary Bassist, which will help you develop a very powerful technique on the electric bass, without losing sight of the main objective of studying the instrument: to express your art by doing... Continue reading

From Contemporary Bassist Online Lecture 9: How to train to play super fast

[Reblogged from Best of Bass] A dangerous misunderstanding of instrumental technique "In this article, you will learn the simplest and most effective way to develop amazing technique on the electric bass (but also on the guitar and other instruments, with a minimum of adaptation). You will work in a totally counterintuitive way and with... Continue reading