[-20%] Il meglio del 2023: lasciati ispirare!

Ciao! Mentre ci avviciniamo alla fine del 2023, ho pensato di condividere con te alcuni dei momenti salienti di quest’anno nel pianeta BASSISTA CONTEMPORANEO – BASSLAB e magari lasciarti anche qualche link utile, se ti fossi perso qualcosa. Leggi fino in fondo: troverai un omaggio per ringraziarti della tua attenzione… Continua a leggere

Nuova sessione dell’esame di certificazione: 24 giugno 2023

Nuova sessione dell’esame di certificazione: 1° e 2° livello!!   Siamo molto felici di annunciare la data della prossima sessione dell’esame di certificazione in Bassista Contemporaneo 1° livello e finalmente questa volta anche 2°: sabato 24 giugno 2023, presso la sede del BassLab di Bologna dalle 930 alle 13 circa.… Continua a leggere

Sign up for Jeff Berlin's workshop in Bologna!

Jeff Berlin in Bologna, a learning and inspirational opportunity we've been waiting for so long...is finally about to become a reality! Find below all the details for attending. The registration fee is very affordable, as is the meeting place. And so I recommend that if you play bass or guitar (but also other instruments), take advantage of... Continue reading

Jeff Berlin workshop in Bologna - April 24, 2023!

Do you play bass guitar or guitar? Join the Jeff Berlin Workshop sponsored and organized by Basslab in Bologna on April 24, 2023. Listen to Titian's invitation in the video below and sign up now! One of the greatest bass players and teachers of all time, currently on tour in Italy, stops by BassLab for a special... Continue reading

Certification exam date 1st level: Feb. 18, 2023

Here is the date of the next certification exam! We are very happy to announce the date of the next certification exam in Contemporary Bassist 1st level: Saturday, February 18, 2023. The exam is open to a maximum of 5 students, 4 of whom are already booked, and will be held in Bologna at the... Continue reading

How to achieve good technical mastery on the bass guitar

"All music is made up of notes taken from a scale. They can be scale pieces, arpeggios, jumps or chromaticism. But it is always about scales. Whether you are aware of it or not, all music works like that. So the more you can play scales and arpeggios with fluency and ease, the better... Readmore

Interview with Tiziano on the Contemporary Bassist method @ Borsari Strumenti musicali

"The aim is to stimulate the bass player's musical instincts" br We recently had the pleasure of exchanging a few words on The Contemporary Bassist with Stefano, a specialist in the bass and guitar department of the Borsari Strumenti Musicali shop in Bologna, who has been helping us with the distribution of the book for years now. It had been... Continue reading