Bass Bonus ep.2 - How to have total control of scales on the electric bass?

BASS BONUS ep.2 - Total Scale Control on the Electric Bass Guitar Episode 2 of the new video series entitled "BASS BONUS". What is Bass Bonus? Basically, in each episode, starting with a video from the Contemporary Bassist Online, Tiziano extracts useful tips to improve your approach and performance on the bass... Continue reading

Bass Bonus ep.1 - Studying shapes on the bass: help or limit your creativity?

BASS BONUS ep.1 - Can studying shapes on the electric bass limit your creativity? This video inaugurates a series of videos entitled 'BASS BONUS'. Hurrah!!! Starting with some special videos from the Contemporary Bassist Online, Tiziano has extracted a series of useful hints and ideas to improve from... Continue reading

ZTL ep.30 - The only 2 things you really need to play

ZTL ep.30 - What do you really need to play? - Tiziano dedicated an episode of the ZTL series (which you can find on our YOUBASSLAB channel) to a somewhat controversial topic. Exactly four minutes on the topic of priorities, i.e. what is really essential if you want to play a musical instrument, be it... Continue reading

The luck of having the Contemporary Bassist Online!

Contemporary Bassist Online: HAPPINESS... or LONGEVITY? Now that everyone is moving (or has moved) their music lessons ONLINE, someone recently said to me, "Man, what a LUCKY thing you and Titian had to do the online course, so now you guys already have it!" Well, when I think of the... Continue reading

3 qualities of a good music teacher

3 fundamental qualities of a good music teacher I often find myself thinking about what it means to be a teacher. I, who have been teaching English since I was 17 (a lifetime!) and who try in every way to make people fall in love with this language that everyone thinks is difficult...... Continue reading

[Lez.30] The final video of the Contemporary Bassist Online

What do you do at the end of Contemporary Bassist Online? - I invite anyone who is taking the course online but perhaps still at the beginning or intermediate lessons to watch this video. The final video taken from lesson 30... but don't worry, no spoilers from Titian 😆 I remind you that the Bassist... Continue reading

Music needs solid and powerful roots!

<< Una chioma rigogliosa cela radici forti e potenti >> Se vuoi piantare radici solide nel suonare il basso, che ti permettano di crescere sempre più tecnicamente e musicalmente, devi curare le basi. Partire dai fondamentali e impararli al meglio delle tue possibilità. Più le tue basi saranno definite e… Continua a leggere

Long live attention and down with distractions!

Long live attention, the most important resource we have after time! It is said that time is the absolute most important resource we have. Maybe so, but in my opinion there is another one that is just as crucial to achieve results in any field. Even to learn the electric bass, or the... Continue reading

ZTL ep.27 - 5 reasons to choose an electric bass (+ 1 flaw to deal with)

ZTL ep.27 - 5 good reasons to choose to play electric bass (+ 1 flaw to be managed with the right strategy) A curiosity. Why, out of so many instruments, did you choose to play the electric bass? What particularly attracts you to this instrument? It is undeniable that for some years now,... Continue reading

The origins of the online course: Rhythms for electric bass guitar [video 2].

The ORIGINS of the Contemporary Bassist Online. VIDEO 2: Rhythms for Electric Bass Guitar (lesson 13e) Here is the second video of The Origins of the Contemporary Bassist Online, dedicated to the RHYTHMICS for Electric Bass Guitar from lesson 13e. This video is also part of the series of 7 videos that Tiziano Zanotti recorded... Continue reading