Learning a discipline: the mistake everyone risks making

A tricky question: the mistake everyone is in danger of making I am currently attending a refresher course for my job, and just yesterday morning I attended the weekly Question/Answer session. It seems like it has nothing to do with anything, but follow me for a moment, you will see that there is a lot of relevance to the... Continue reading

ZTL ep.4 How to find a good bass teacher

ZTL ep.4 How to find a good bass teacher: 3 fundamental characteristics episode number 4 in the ZTL series: How to find a good bass teacher. Three fundamental characteristics that every good teacher should have, to be able to offer you truly useful and effective lessons. Fourth episode of Tiziano Zanotti's programme dedicated... Continue reading

ZTL ep.3 Learning from the best musicians through indirect practice

ZTL ep.3 All about indirect practice (the more familiar you are with the instrument, the more useful it is to you) episode number 3 in the ZTL series: All about indirect practice. That is, not a practice done directly on the instrument (which is still the most important), but an ancillary practice based on active listening and observation of... Continue reading

ZTL ep.2 All about direct practice for bass players

ZTL ep.2 All about direct practice for bass players (and not only) Episode number 2 of the ZTL series: All about direct practice, that is what makes the difference between an average musician... and a musician who leaves his mark. Second episode of Tiziano Zanotti's show dedicated to all those... Continue reading

ZTL ep.1 Music library: una stanza tutta per sé

ZTL ep.1 Music Library: una stanza tutta per sé Puntata numero 1 della serie ZTL: Music Library. L’importanza di avere una stanza tutta per sé, ovvero un proprio spazio interamente dedicato alla pratica musicale. ll primissimo episodio di questa nuova “trasmissione” di Tiziano Zanotti. Perché la serie ZTL? Possiamo partire…… Continua a leggere

Join the Contemporary Bassist Facebook group?

Just created the BASSISTA CONTEMPORANEO Facebook group As 2018 is the year of celebrations (30 years of Contemporary Bassist, 10 years of BassLab, and the completion of the first level of Contemporary Bassist Online), we have added another occasion to celebrate. One more piece to the project. The birth of the Facebook group... Continue reading

[Video] A BASS LESSON like this makes all the difference in the world!

The bass lesson you don't expect Just today the schools started again, I think to the delight of many grandparents and parents 🙂 And also around this time, music schools are reopening after the summer break. If you too are ready to start bass lessons again,... Continue reading

I did not finish the online course videos at the end of the cycle. What do I do?

"At the end of the 30 days I am still missing videos from the online course for that cycle. What should I do?" As you know the online course is divided into 5 cycles of 5 lessons each, each with a variable number of videos (from 47 to over 90). Each cycle has a... Continue reading

Why is Contemporary Bassist Online divided into cycles?

Why did we decide to split all the Level 1 online course videos into cycles? Someone gave me this suggestion: "If there was a possibility to buy the whole 1-25 video package in one go as opposed to a single cycle, you might stimulate the less convinced and those who... Continue reading