Contemporary Bassist Online: lesson 36 ready!

New online course videos: lesson 36 available on the platform! - Today I would like to give you an important update on the online course dedicated to Volume 2, which is the group of Lessons 31-50. So this message is for you if you have taken the online course up to 35, or otherwise up to... Continue Reading

Titian's Invitation: Come to Contemporary Bassist Online and try it for free for 3 days!

Are you coming to Contemporary Bassist Online? You can sign up and try it for free for 3 days! - Do you want to learn to play electric bass guitar? Listen to Titian's invitation. Come to the Contemporary Bassist Online - the first professional electric bass guitar course you can take entirely on the Internet. Proven over 6 years... Continue reading

Studying music online: 3 useful tips to get the most out of lessons

3 essential points for studying bass guitar online with satisfaction - A few months ago we held a live broadcast with the first level students of Contemporary Bass Player Online (to be clear, those who study the video lectures dedicated to vol.1), and on that occasion a question emerged for Titian. How can I... Continue reading

3-day free trial of Contemporary Bassist Online! - did you know that in January 2022 we celebrated the first 6 years of Contemporary Bassist Online? It's practically a kid already :-)))) Right from the start we structured it in cycles, that is, groups of lessons, first of all because the videos were coming out... Continue reading

Contemporary Bassist Online Volume 1 The easy way 🙂 - It's finally here. After having helped hundreds of people learn the electric bass guitar in a professional way, the Contemporary Bassist Online course has been revamped yet again. As of today, the 1st level of the online course can be taken... Continue reading

Contemporary Bassist Online - Special offer until 29/12

Contemporary Bassist Online SPECIAL OFFER 🙂 - It's finally here. After helping hundreds of people to learn the electric bass professionally, the Contemporary Bassist Online course is definitely changing location. From the Vimeo platform it has fully moved to this new platform. Here is the long-awaited link to... Continue reading

News: Contemporary Bassist 1 new edition published!

Just published Contemporary Bassist 1 new edition!!! Yes, 13 years after its first publication for the general public (summer 2006), the book Contemporary Bassist 1 comes out TODAY in a brand new edition. Now 220 pages, ISBN code 979-12-200-5194-1. Here it is, photographed on my desk 🙂 With this... Continue reading

On 8 December 2016, the fourth cycle of the online course (lectures 16-20!) is released.

Lessons 16 to 20 coming soon! Just a few lines to let you know that the fourth cycle of the online Contemporary Bassist course (lessons 16-20) is finally coming out on 8 December 2016. We are currently editing the last 10 videos. Including these, there are about 20 left to upload. I'd say we make it 🙂... Continue reading