ZTL ep.14 How to prepare for a live concert? 5-point checklist

ZTL ep.14 How to prepare for a live concert? In ZTL episode no. 14 discover the 5 key points for a great performance, while also minimising any mistakes - to be reckoned with in a live show, always being 'good first time'. They are simple and seemingly obvious, they are actually the secret to everything.... Continue reading

ZTL ep.3 Learning from the best musicians through indirect practice

ZTL ep.3 All about indirect practice (the more familiar you are with the instrument, the more useful it is to you) episode number 3 in the ZTL series: All about indirect practice. That is, not a practice done directly on the instrument (which is still the most important), but an ancillary practice based on active listening and observation of... Continue reading