Bass Bonus ep.1 - Studying shapes on the bass: help or limit your creativity?

BASS BONUS ep.1 - Can studying shapes on the electric bass limit your creativity? This video inaugurates a series of videos entitled 'BASS BONUS'. Hurrah!!! Starting with some special videos from the Contemporary Bassist Online, Tiziano has extracted a series of useful hints and ideas to improve from... Continue reading

Video pill from lesson 16g: CIRCLE OF FIFTHS

Straight from the online course based on Contemporary Bassist 1 This time we talk about the cycle of fifths, a topic that is part of the subject THEORY. There are so many topics that make up Theory, what we did at BassLab was to select the necessary information and organise it in an order... Continue reading

With the shapes on the keyboard, playing becomes easier!

What is meant by shapes on the electric bass fretboard Perhaps you have never heard of shapes on the electric bass, or perhaps you first became aware of them through the book Contemporary Bassist. Well, if it's a new topic for you here's a quick introduction... Read more