Ep.2 Microadventures of volume 2: bass guitar, synth guitar and drums

Involve your friends in practicing volume 2 - Here's another example of a microadventure you could have by repurposing the material from Contemporary Bassist volume 2 more freely along with some of your other musician friends. May I remind you that the MICROAVENTURES series was created by... Continue reading

Ep.1 Microadventures: Bass lines of vol.2 in action

Contemporary Bassist 2: A gold mine of basslines and grooves! - The Contemporary Bassist Volume 2 is a veritable gold mine of musically interesting basslines and grooves that can "live a life of their own" and give much satisfaction, in the hands of mildly creative and resourceful students. Here is a... Continue reading

Bass Bonus ep. 8 - How to make a good walking bass: useful ideas + practical exercise

BASS BONUS ep.8 - Some tips on how to create a good walking bass (+ "A Foggy Day" bass line to download 😊) - Episode 8 of the "BASS BONUS" series. Small jump into the second level, with a popular topic among intermediate/advanced bass players, especially those who... Continue reading

Bass Bonus ep. 7 - How to create an effective groove on the electric bass (ensemble music)

BASS BONUS ep.7 - How to create a nice groove with the electric bass to accompany a song built on a single chord ? Ensemble music practice session! - Episode 7 of the "BASS BONUS" series. How to create a catchy groove with the electric bass to accompany a "horizontal" structure, i.e. one consisting of... Continue reading

Bass Bonus ep. 5 - How to use the bass to accompany over multiple chords (ensemble music)

BASS BONUS ep.5 - How to use the electric bass to accompany a multi-chord piece? Ensemble music practice session! - Ready? Here's an ensemble music session from the Contemporary Bassist Online course lez.1. Here we begin... Continue reading

The origins of the online course: Cycle of the fifths [video 3].

The ORIGINS of the Contemporary Bassist Online. VIDEO 3: The cycle of fifths (lesson 16g) Here is the THIRD video in the Origins of the Contemporary Bassist Online, dedicated to the cycle of fifths for electric bass from lesson 16g and released on 1 September 2015. This video is also part of the series... Continue reading