ZTL ep.30 - The only 2 things you really need to play

ZTL ep.30 - What do you really need to play? - Tiziano dedicated an episode of the ZTL series (which you can find on our YOUBASSLAB channel) to a somewhat controversial topic. Exactly four minutes on the topic of priorities, i.e. what is really essential if you want to play a musical instrument, be it... Continue reading

The origins of the online course: Ear training [video 4].

The ORIGINS of the Online Contemporary Bassist. VIDEO 4: Ear training (lz. 19g) Here is the FOURTH video of the origins of the Contemporary Bassist Online, dedicated to ear training. Like the previous ones, it is one of the first 7 PROTOTYPES of the online course, i.e. the reference videos on which the... Continue reading