Free videos from Contemporary Bassist Online

Collection of free videos from Contemporary Bassist Online

On this page you will find a collection of free videos from the online course, uploaded to our youtube channel.

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1) Contemporary Bassist Trailer 1

A few tricks from the Contemporary Bassist 1

Why study shapes, ear training, bass lines...?

Watch this video, dedicated to an overview of the first volume, and find out why. Focus in particular on TIPs and put them into practice, you can do this even without having the book!

2) Contemporary Bassist Trailer 2

The 25 Lessons of the Contemporary Bassist 2 in 15 minutes!!!

A virtual journey through the 300 pages of the method

Explanations and practical examples played by Tiziano Zanotti. Definitely some of your time invested in the best way. If you are interested in improving on the bass this is stuff not to be missed!

3) Free videos from the Contemporary Bassist Online course

A virtual tour of the online course room

A selection of free videos taken from the online course and uploaded to YouTube, useful for everyone. Enter the virtual classroom and watch them all in order.

If you have bought the book, place it on the lectern and take the opportunity to review the lessons!

Lesson 9.f Contemporary Bassist 1

Ear training: Hand technique (p. 71)

Lesson 11.h Part 2

Ear training: Comparison of parallel scales in B Part 2

Lesson 14.E Part 1 Contemporary Bassist 1

Lesson 14.G Contemporary Bassist 1

Bass lines (p.106)

Lesson 16.G Contemporary Bassist 1

Circle of fifths (p. 123)

Lesson 23.a Contemporary Bassist 1

Chords and harmonisation of the Eb major scale (p. 169)



  1. Hello,
    I have repeatedly requested the introductory course and got the message:
    "The link to download the PDF has just been sent to your mailbox".

    But I didn't actually receive any e-mails.

    • Contemporary Bassist

      hello Marco, it does not reach you for a very simple reason, you already subscribed to the mailing list a long time ago and you downloaded the material then (the links are clicked...). Since you have already subscribed, it will not be sent to you twice. Therefore, check the Promotions (or Spam) folder in gmail, you should find our e-mails, choose one and unsubscribe from there so you can repeat the procedure... In any case, I sent you the new abstract a few days ago, probably the e-mails end up in spam or promotions...

      Or perhaps you can try again with another email. It is an alternative.

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